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Sep 13, 2006 12:17 PM

small burger

I'm becoming a fan of the small burger - something in the 4 oz range. My theory is that the more surface area to interior yields more caramelization on the exterior and nice, distinct punch of flavour.

Of course, everything else has to be small, too (bun and toppings).

Anyone else agree? Where do you go to find one?

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  1. HAL burgers on Adelaide serves a trio of small burgers (2 oz each I think). The burgers change every day, both in composition and toppings. One day they may server 1 pork, one lamb and one beef etc. The last time I was there is was three beef burgers, each with different toppings.

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    1. re: Cheech5001

      They also change from bad to worse to bad again, depending on the day....I tried Hal again to see if my previous experience was a fluke. I have no clue why people buy those dull burgers for that clue.

      There is a little place on Dundas W only open for lunch and brunch (I believe). It is called "If". They have a trio that is exellent. one with Tzatziki, one with Roma Tomato and one greek maybe, I dont exactly recall. But have had them twice and loved the juicy little things.

    2. Here's a current thread about "sliders."

      As Cheech5001 said, these are 2oz or less. The ones at White Castle are less. They're easy to make. Alton Brown showed how. I don't know if you're interested in doing your own.

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      1. re: yayadave

        Guilty pleasure: when I go south of the border, I usually buy a mox of microwaveable White Castle burgers!

        1. re: chimichimi

          Come to think of it, I've seen boxes of microwavable mini-burgers at Costco. I've never bought them because I like to mix my onions and seasoning right in the meat when I make my own.

      2. Try Sizzler's, on Yongue just north of College (I think) on the
        West side. Order to go with everything (but I don't like hot peppers), the price is small too --around $4.