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Sep 13, 2006 10:36 AM

Sirtaj Indian/Pakistani Restaurant

Am coming over to NYC early next year and quite fancy the idea of going for a curry (a good English tradition!!)

I've read a couple of quite good online reviews about this restaurant but was wondering if any of your fellow Chowhounds had eaten there and what you thought of the place

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  1. sirtaj is as basic as it gets with zero ambience. it's good for a quick lunch really. there are many better indian restaurants in the city if you do a search.

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    1. re: emma

      Thanks for your comments, can you recommend a reasonable Indian restaurant in the Manhattan area?

      1. re: Terry44

        i really like devi, but not sure what you mean by reasonable. it's definitely pricier than sirtaj... your best bet may be curry hill area?

    2. I really like Sirtaj, but as mentioned it's basically a lunch on the cheap kind of place. It's got bad diner as ambience.

      Copper Chimney seems more like what you are looking for

      1. An important disctinction: "English" Curry can be VERY different from what you will find in the USA (or India). Ususal complaints are that the English versions are too "creamy" and the
        American versions are too "greasy". I'm not looking to spark a debate (hey, good curry is good curry), but thought you should be aware of the disctinction.

        Sirtaj is a solid Pakastani take-out spot. Dining there is dismal, but they have a handful of great dishes. I've always enjoyed their Navratan, but a bit on the heavy side. In that immediate area, I'd say they are your best bet

        More to the east, Copper Chimney is a great suggestion, but it's not a Curry House.
        But you will find many options in this hood, depending on what you're looking for.

        BTW, the only spot I know for English Curry is in Brooklyn:

        enjoy your trip!

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          Curry Source has closed - but you could maybe try Chip Shop on Atlantic or Fifth for their curries.

        2. Hi Terry. Is there a specific area of Manhattan where you're hoping to find a good curry? Or do you just want the best one you can possibly get, and you'll ride the subway to wherever for it? Got a price range? Anyway, you'll find lots of recommendations if you do a search, including these relatively recent conversation threads:

          So are you yourself English, hence the "English tradition?" I keep hearing that Brick Lane Curry House is the only place around here for specifically British-Indian cuisine....

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            Yes I am English and will be visiting New York for the first time, am looking forward to it a lot,

            As for the curry, well both myself, my wife and the kids all love a curry now and then (I prefer Indian to Chinese) and we thought it would be good to try a curry when in New York, I do understand that it will be different to the curries we get here in England but I'm ready to give it a go! When I went to Australia a couple of years back the curries there were completely different to anything I had ever had in England, I'm not saying they were worse just different!

            Apart from restaurants any recommendations as to where I should take my wife and kids (My daughter is 18 the my son is 15)in New York in February apart from the obvious tourist spots?

          2. if you're looking for a british style indian curry house... brick lane curry house on 6th street advertises itself as such. having grown up in the states, it's not my cup of tea... but there must be some archived comments on it from brits out there. at any rate, given that sirtaj is a take out dive in a less fun neighborhood... this might be a better option...


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              I'm a fan of Brick Lane, but it's surprisingly expensive, especially for drinks. I believe my girlfriend got a $12 ketel one vodka and soda, which is about what you expect at a swanky hotel bar, not a neighborhood Indian restaurant.
              That having been said, the food can be very, very good and similar to the Indian I've had in London. Just stay the hell away from the Phaal. It's not even enjoyable, and I am the biggest spice-hound I know. Do not be tempted by the offer of free beer for finishing it. You have been warned.

              1. re: Andrew P.


                There is absolutely no chance of me trying to eat a Phaal, I have seen first hand just how hot thst baby is! and lets not even mention the aftermath in the morning!!

                I can handle about a Madras or Jalfreizi when it comes to the heat scale, I cannot see the point of eating a Phaal, Vindaloo or Tindaloo style curry unless your mouth and digestive system is lined with asbestos! From reading the messages on here it does sound as though Brick Lane may well get my business when me and the family come over next February