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Sep 13, 2006 07:20 AM

HARRY & DAVID PEACHES :: Are they good for making jam?

I saw these and wonder if the HARRY & DAVID OREGOLD PEACHES are any good? Better than the peaches you can buy in the market, which are not so great.

Are they just for eating, or would they make good pie, cobbler and preserves?

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  1. Why use out of town fruit when the Hudson valley- Jersey peaches are still available and really good this year?? Shipped fruit in plastic wrapping is bogus.

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    1. re: hauswriter

      Where can these be found in NYC?

      Some shipped fruit, like Pittman and David Texas Red Grapefruits is extraordinary.

      Harry and David and others do not wrap anything in plastic.

    2. I'm sure you could use them to make jam, but it might then qualify as the world's most expensive jam. Inevitably I get some of those H&D pears at the holidays; they're tasty, but no tastier than the ugly pears at the supermarket. But they are gorgeous as a holiday star pears.

      1. They are expensive, but I gotta say, the one and only H&D pear I ever had was stellar, best by far I have ever had. But NO, I would not use their fruit in jam or preserves, their stuff should ONLY be eaten in a pristine, raw condition. I have still been finding good peaches this year, and I had also thought of making preserves or jam...

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        1. re: prunefeet

          prunefeet, I agree w/only eating it pristine/raw. It's a waste otherwise w/such expensive fruit. I got suckered into buying a box of those pears once and man were they good. I brought one to my mother and she said "I hope I remember to eat it, I'd hate for it to go bad on the counter" I informed her that as each pear cost about $3, she'd better remember.

        2. I wouldn't go out of my way to buy H & D peaches to make jam, but the H & D pears I received as a gift at Xmas were an integral part of a very successful pear upside down cake.

          1. Pears are the only fruit I know of that, if stored properly, gets riper after it's picked.

            Everything else, you're better off hitting your local farmers market.

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