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Sep 13, 2006 05:39 AM

italian food for birthday dinner

Help, I need a rec. for the best italian restuarant in SF. A dining experience that has a warm atmosphere, not as sophisticated as incanto or acquerrello and serves good, authentic italian food. My guest is requesting chicken piccata and gelato for dessert. Any suggestions? Thank you

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  1. More a modern place (less warm and cozy) and on the upscale feel, I ate at Zingari Ristorante in the Donatello Hotel on the recommendations of Italian ex-pats. They said it was the closest they've had to home. I have to say it was the best pasta I ever had.

    This was 4 years ago so I don't know if it's under the same management or what, or where it is now but I definately remember the pasta (everything thing else was good as well). The pasta had a richness but still a freshness that wasn't about cream or smoke or slow cooking, i.e., the sauce was clean yet the pasta had an unique richness. I think they special ordered the pasta from Italy.

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      1. Il Borgo sometimes has chicken piccata as a special. It's casual but cozy and they have very good gnocchi.

        The only caveat. . they are cash only.