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Sep 13, 2006 04:57 AM

Wurst List?

Does anyone know if there exists a source that lists all the types of sausage? Or even just all German sausages? Web page or print would be fine.


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  1. there probably is someplace.You could check out the Usinger website.They list different kinds of german sausages and have been in Milwaukee for over 100 years.Also you could google in
    lists of german sausages.

    1. "All" probably not practical. I'll be watching this post for anyone with a comprehensive list. The best reference book I've found is Book of Sausages by Hippisley/Coxe. They include descriptions for close to 100 major German varieties. They say that there are 1458 varieties of German sausage, but this must include minor variations (north side of the strasse, Otto's best ever etc. etc..). has a fairly broad list including traditional and modern variations, but is nothing close to comprehensive.

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      1. Here's a couple of sites that have a significant variety:

        I've ordered from both with good luck.