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Sep 13, 2006 04:40 AM

before: prix fixe, NOW: BUFFET (in Toronto, for 12-16 guests)

I think I'm going in another route now--does anyone know of any hotels within the downtown core that has a nice buffet? Perhaps one that you liked (it had a nice seafood/meat/vegetarian option ratio) and you thought was value-for-money, and you'd like to share with me? You do? GREAT, let's hear it!


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  1. Downtown hotel buffets, if any left, tend to have only a small selection of items. I think Hilton at Queen and Bay offered one this past summer. Also the Kind Edward had one too, which was quite good, but more expensive ($35 it was I think). Call them to find out. The one at Delta Chelsea had very few choices, I would not recommend it.

    1. The Hot House Café at Church & Front has a very popular Sunday brunch buffet with live jazz. I've been there once, and was astounded at the selection, particularly the desserts. The food is pretty good, though not spectacular. They have a roast beef carving station, an omelette station, salads, pastas, seafood, breakfast items, and a slew of cakes, pies, tarts, etc. It's around $20 per person.

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        We've been to the Hot House Sunday brunch buffet and it's definitely a great deal! For a full review with pics, kindly visit


        I can't think of any hotels downtown with a dinner buffet but there's a Sunday brunch buffet at Epic located at the Royal York hotel. Although we haven't tried it yet, the sample menu looks delicious! I have to warn you that it is a bit pricy ($49



        Maybe your friends will be willing to change it to a brunch instead of a dinner?!?

      2. You could also go to a Japanese restaurant that offers an AYCE option. Kuni Sushi Ya on Baldwin instantly springs to mind. They have a huge sushi menu, as well as a huge hot food menu, including four different soups, a bunch of salads, teriyaki, tempura, udon, etc. etc. It's around $20 per person.

        1. Hot House is brunch only, OP wants dinner. (Not mentioned in this thread but see her orignal Prix Fixe thread, which also seems to imply she doesn't want all-asian food.)

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            Thanks Teep, for clearing that up for me!

            Yes, I would want to hold my party/gathering downtown, for a dinner meal (with a kind of fusion cuisine with some Asian influences). Its a hard find, but I seem to have found it...

            What do people think about L'Escargot Bistro ( There's a prix fixe menu for $25, and it says:

            Table d'hote
            Soupe du Jour
            Escargots Bourguignons
            Salade Melangee

            Saumon Grillee
            Bavette aux echalottes
            Poitrine de Poulet
            Pates du Jour

            Mousse au Chocolat
            Cremé Brulee
            Choose any one in the three categories

            Has anyone tried this? I know, you'd be wondering: "Where's the fusion-slash-asian-influenced cuisine? This seems all French to me!" Well, at least there's a pasta option (which I assume is their vegetarian option), and thats good enough, really. Can't have everything perfect, right? Oh, and d'you think they'll be able to accomodate up to 16 guests for this prix fixe dinner?

            But if anyone still has any ideas for DINNER BUFFETS AT DOWNTOWN TORONTO HOTELS, please let me know!!! Thanks a bunch!

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              The Delta Chelsea has a good Seafood Buffet Friday nights and maybe Saturdays too. I haven't gone in about a year so you should call first. The Hilton at Queen and University had a new Seafood buffet about 6 months ago but this wasn't really worth it. It is more expensive (50 vs. 30 or so) and not that good.
              The Marriott near Yonge and Gerrard used to have a fantastic lobster buffet for $25 but then the Red Flag Deals gang ruined it so now it's just a buffet without lobster but I think it's only $17 now.

          2. Young's Thailand has a lubch buffet for about $12 wasn't bad.