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Sep 13, 2006 04:32 AM

New-ish green tea at Costco

Top line: Readily available bagged green tea usually is terrible. This one's pretty good.

Kirkland Signature Japanese Green Tea
100 individually wrapped sachets for $12.79

This unusual tea is a not-so-privately-labeled product packed by Ito En in Japan. The "base" leaf is sencha, for characteristic Japanese-style green tea taste, but matcha has been added, with gives the tea a flavor reminiscent of Yamamotoyama's "Sushi Bar Style" green tea. The bag itself is a very free flowing nylon mesh; steeping is speedy, but perhaps too much matcha powder ends up settling to the bottom for my tastes.

The plastic "string" from bag to tag is rather short, but the tag has a slot pre-cut in it to fit on the edge of your cup so the string doesn't need to be long enough to flop over the side.

The tea seems to finish with a touch of genmai-cha toasted rice flavor. This is not listed on the label, but there were a few flecks of something lighter-than-green in the bag when I tossed it out. Unfortunately, further analysis will have to wait as I can't afford to get too wired tonight. :-)

I purchased this tea for the office because for hygiene reasons, it is easier for "catering" to handle wrapped tea bags than the loose ones (e.g., Celestial Seasonings) and most of the readily available brands are, frankly, appalling. I do like several of the Yamamotoyama products, and I think they are no more expensive than the Costco product, so this might well be a one-time purchase. After all, if you want to entice your clients with your tea offerings, Kirkland Signature probably is not the most impressive name.

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  1. I'm liking this tea more. Accidentally oversteeped it for 15 minutes and it didn't get unduly bitter/nasty like cheap green tea. Also the string is not plastic.

    Here's a photo showing the lighter-than-green items in the bag. Perhaps they are bits of stem?

    1. I just bought a box and I think it's pretty good-compared to more expensive kind-and it's more convenient, too... Only that I drunk too much that I couldn't sleep last night.

      1. I really was pleasantly surprised, too. I just happened upon this in the aisle. Although I usually try to drink green tea from time to time for the benefits, I usually end up drinking coffee or earl grey since choking back green tea is usually a chore...usually I just use the celestial seasonings that's supplied by my workplace.

        I really like the aftertaste on this. It doesn't taste like bark and/or dirt. :)

        Now I just hope Costco keeps this product around for a while..they have a habit of cycling stuff out.

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          I too was pleasantly surprised when I opened my first bag of this tea. I recently bought my first matcha powder and it takes skill and patience to make the tea just right. Kirkland's green tea does just that and it's made by Ito en, experts at Green Tea making. I Like it alot and hope that ? Im thinking of buying several boxes now to ensure I have it for a while.

        2. I've found that dusting away some of the matcha makes the flavor seem lighter. Wish it had a grassier taste though.

          1. Wow! I had been hesitant to purchase the Kirkland since it was in bags. A buddy of mine gave me a few packets and man is it good. I have always been a loose leaf guy but this is good. I buy ito en matcha and have always enjoyed it. I am off to Costco this morning to buy a couple boxes of this very tasty tea.

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              Hey SeanT, did you notice if it came in decaf? I'm pregnant so no caffeine for me. Thx.