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Freezing Soup

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So I made a pot of soup the other day, and don't know if it will freeze well. It's a very simple recipe--

1 large can chicken broth
1 bag cheese tortellini
1 box chopped spinach
2 14oz cans chopped tomatoes

Problem is, I've got so much stuff in my fridge and freezer now, and the weather here got warm again, so I'd like to freeze some of it. The last few times I made it, the tortellini sat in the broth for so long it practically fell apart. (Didn't make it any less tasty tho!)

Can anyone tell me if this will hold up after freezing? I may have to add more broth as the tortellini really soaked up the first can.


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  1. Not a problem at all. It will freeze beautifully. Any soup does well as long as it is not cream-based. I usually just use individual serving Rubbermaid containers so I can microwave them easily for lunch.

    1. It will be fine.

      I freeze individual servings in hot/cold cups (sold at Costco).

      1. The tortellini is very likely to get really mushy if it doesn't actually fall apart. The less time you leave it in the freezer, the better.

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          I have never had that problem with tortellini soup no matter how long it has been in the freezer.

        2. Thanks for all the answers, I'll freeze most of it tonight.

          1. The general rule with starches is that they will continue to absorb liquid when the liquid is in liquid state. Freezing will stall the process a bit, but the more liquid that is in the starch, the more vulnerable it is to compromised texture from freezing because ice takes up more space than water.

            1. I've had a similiar soup where we froze the broth and the tortellini separately, which worked great. It might be a little fussy to fish out all of the tortellini and freeze separately, but it is an option to prevent the tortellini from getting any mushier.

              1. I assumed (from the "bag of" mention) that they were frozen. Freezing freshly made, whether raw or cooked, is one thing; re-freezing frozen, another.

                1. Hmmm....more "food" for thought. I will definitely freeze the broth separately from the tortellini. And yep, it was frozen torts--it was a clean-out-the-fridge/cupboard kind of day. Literally done on the spur of the moment. Which is the beauty of this recipe--needs no prep or advance thought, tho after I dumped the torts in the broth, I discovered the box of spinach was uh....better suited for composting. Thank goodness I'm a 5 min walk from the grocery store!

                  Thanks again for the feedback.