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Sep 13, 2006 02:30 AM

PB&J with...???

In the past week I've been having mad cravings for crunchy peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches after not having a single one in almost 20 years!!! I just bought a fresh loaf of whole wheat bread, a large jar of Skippy's crunchy peanut butter and a jar for Smucker's strawberry jam. I'm planning on having PB&J toast for breakfast, PB&J sandwiches for lunch, dinner and snacks for at least the next few days! However, I've been wondering if anyone out there can recommend anything savoury to go with my sandwiches. I keep thinking that a sandwich for my larger meals (lunch and dinner) may not be substantial enough. I'm one of those people that need something savoury for my main meals. For instance, what soups would go with PB&J?

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  1. heh heh. I'm pregnant and went through a pb&j binge a month or two ago. I'm not a fancy girl, so I go with basics on the side: Lays potato chips or Campbell's chicken noodle soup.

    There's a theme: salt

    I tend to like salty things with my pb&j. And the chips have to be Lays potato chips, don't know why.

    Happy Eating!!

    1. As far as soups are concerned, I like PBJ with corn chowder, chicken noodle and split pea.

      I also find PBJ goes well with mac 'n cheese and tuna salad.

      1. cheese tortellini en brodo. i like the cheese/strawberry jam combo.

        1. If I were to eat a soup with my pb&j, I guess it would have to be chicken noodle. But usually I have baby carrots and either potato or tortilla chips.

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            Not sure if you're into wierd combos, but I've been making pb & j ham turkey cheese spinach mayo and hot sauce sandwiches for lunch this week.

            1. re: SomeRandomIdiot

              hah. wow SRI, that's an intense combination. how'd you come up with that? i'd be willing to try it though. i actually have all those things in my fridge. i guess i know what i'm doing when i get home.

              1. re: ktown378

                i like em both and its easier to fit into a sandwich bag as one sandwich rather than 2. the ones ive been making have about 6 slices of ham/ 6 slices of turkey 10 large spinach leaves w/ the stems in addition to about 2 tablespoons of sriracha + the cheese slices so taking an extra slice of bread, slathering pb and j on it and slapping it on top just saves time and keeps me from wasting an extra baggie.

              2. re: SomeRandomIdiot

                I agree... a slice of ham or turkey makes PBJ wonderful!! :) Think Monte Cristo! ;)


            2. PB, banana and honey for me!