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Sep 13, 2006 12:40 AM

Malai Kofta in TO?

Does anyone know an Indian place that makes great malai kofta in town?

I'm kind of chasing the dragon on this dish, trying to find a version that's as mind-numbingly great as one I had while living abroad. I frequently found myself eating the sauce by the spoonful.

For the uninitiated, the dish involves loose balls made of potato, cashew, paneer, and maybe other veggies, all in a thick, nutty, creamy, aromatic gravy.


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  1. *drool* unfortunatly i don't have a suggested place for you, but i can't wait until there is one, because malai kofta is one of my favourite things on earth.

    1. have you tried the malai kofta roti at ghandis (queen and bathurst, north side, east of bathurst). i don't know how it measures up to what you've had before, but it's one of the most well balanced, nuanced, rich versions i've had.

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        No, I'm brand new in the city and haven't tried many places. That's right in my neighbourhood though, so I'll check it out really soon. Thanks!

      2. Tandoori House at Yonge/Sheppard has a fantastic dish that they call Kofta Birbali, sounds like the exact same thing. The sauce is fantastic!

        Kofta Birbali
        Potato and cottage cheese dumplings stuffed with vegetables and nuts, in a mild curry sauce

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          1. the BEST malai kofta i've had is at 'moti mahal' on gerrard st. other malai koftas i've tried r just plain gross. the quality of this one is amazing