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Sep 12, 2006 11:53 PM

Dinner for Group of 20+ in Honolulu/Waikiki?

Any sugguestions? This is for a small, informal wedding "reception". A place with a private room would be ideal and views would be a fabulous bonus. A taste of the local fare would be nice (we're all coming from out of town - mostly California), but would also enjoy Asian, seafood, or even Italian.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. hmmm... for twenty there's assagio's, which has a small private room, but no view. so does sam choys breakfast lunch and crab. you could try willow's, no private room, but the setting is pretty good. i'm sure there's more but i can't think of anymore

    1. E&O Trading Co. has a private room which would accommodate your group. It has a view of Ala Moana Beach Park and ocean in the background. I imagine they could put together a special menu. Here's their website:

      1. You didn't mention budget or time of day, but there's Mariposa at the Ala Moana Nieman Marcus, which has a large lanai with lovely views of the water.

        Also in the Ala Moana Shopping Center, Alan Wong's Pineapple Room has a private room but without a view.

        Would suggest something like House Without a Key at the Halekelani (their outdoor beachfront bar and casual restaurant) but time of day, etc. would be an issue.

        Also, be aware that some places charge "Cake-age" or a "cake plating" fee if you don't buy the wedding cake through them.

        You might check the Museum of Contemporary Art or the Honolulu Academy or Art; both have small, nice restaurants and the settings would be lovely and unique.

        1. For a reception however you
          have to rent the entire restaurant. I would suggest if you think you might go there
          try during the day, at night there is nothing dramatic or interesting view wise, it's dark.

          1. Thanks for the sugguestions! The bride and groom decided to have the celebration dinner at Orchid's at the Halekulani. We had crab cakes for apps, a nice and simple tomato salad with a fantastic dressing (I have no idea what it was), steak & lobster and a to-die-for coconut (wedding) cake.

            We were seated at a very large table for the 19 of us with a fantastic view of the beach. Everybody had a wonderful time!