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Sep 12, 2006 11:22 PM

For dinner tonight...

I have 2 large chicken breasts that I cooked up last night in a little olive oil, s&p.

I have white onions, red onions, and fresh basil.

I also have some day old french bread.

Any ideas on what to make out of all of this? I also have some shredded cheese and tomato sauce in the fridge. Can you think of anything better?

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  1. Toast up the bread and make some chicken salad!

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    1. re: MuppetGrrl

      Add a little mayo? Should I use the basil?

      1. re: cincodemayo1

        I would! Add some minced red onion, chopped basil, s&p, celery if you have it. Toast the bread, put the chicken salad on top, heat it through, top with cheese and broil for a minute and you will have a nice open-faced sandwich. If you have fresh tomatoes, add them too.

    2. Sure. Either chop it and throw it in the salad, or just serve leafy. Tarragon's also yummy in chicken salad, if you have it on hand.

      1. No tarragon. Just fresh basil. Had some sage, but I think that's gone too. Used it for polenta fries last night with fried sage. Yummy.