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Sep 12, 2006 11:00 PM

What is the best sushi in San Antonio, TX?

I'm here for a while and in desperate need of really good sushi!

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  1. I like Fugiya on Wurzbach, but it could be it was the first sushi I went to in town. I was told it was expe3nsive, but I'm used to california sushi prices.

    1. Well there is Koi Kawa on Broadway and in the Alamo Quarry Marketplace. If you get the Express-News,check out the food section in today's paper for sushi places.I think Susi Zusi got high marks.

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        I'm not from SA but have been to the Sushi Zushi in Dallas and while it's not bad per se, I wouldn't qualify it as really good either. Definitely more style than substance.

        I'm also willing to bet that if the OP has posted on this board, he/she is probably aware that local newspapers are available and is probably seeking a more 'chowish' opinion.

      2. For a great casual atmosphere, good service, and great prices I would heartily reccomend Godai on West Ave. If it was a more "need to impress" event, Sushihana on NW Military.

        1. Although Godai was the highest rated in the Zagat's, I wasn't impressed. To me, any sushi rest that dosn't even offer "real" crab is a waste of time (my wife and kids always get california rolls and others with crab meat).

          Sushihana was ok, nothing special.

          I do like some of the rolls at Sushi Zushi and they deliver. Nothing I've found so far that's in the league of top Sushi restaurants in NY, etc. for traditional Nigiri or Sashimi though.