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Sep 12, 2006 10:52 PM

8 days in NYC

I will be in NYC for work (staying in SoHo) for 8 days and can't wait to eat! Here is my tentative list of places to try (based on recommendations), would love more rec's. Keep in mind I am allergic to fish & seafood and don't like Chinese food. Thanks!

Blue Hill
DiFara's pizza (I also love Joe's)
Shake Shack
Sullivan Street Bakery

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  1. DiFara's is too much effort in my opinion during an eight day visit. Sit down and get a pie at Arturo's on Houston.

    And substitute Westville on W. 10th for Shake Shack. It's a better burger and off the beaten path.

    1. Given all the glowing reports, you might consider 11 Madison Park, as well. I haven't been to about half the places on your list, but it looks good to me.

      1. 86 the Shack for Corner Bistro and Sullivan street for Blue Ribbon Bakery.

        1. I agree re Shake Shack. Not in this league.

          11 Madison Park is wonderful, and different. Also Tabla.

          1. If you like Mexican food in a very casual setting try cosmic cantina on 3rd and 13th. One of the few organic mexican restaurants i know of... It's not a formal type place, you go to the counter and order from the menu on the wall and they call ur order when it's ready(which is always very quickly)...the food is always fresh and delicious and may just be some of the best sangria ive ever had(even beats Barcelona's in my book), they also other interesting drinks ...prices are very didn't give your age, most times im there it tends to be a younger crowd...give it a try...