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Sep 12, 2006 10:43 PM

Brick à l'oeuf?

I've been having a craving for a Tunisian dish that I used to have in the South of France: Brick à l'oeuf. It's a crisp fried crepe (different batter than a french crepe - rice?) filled with egg, onions and other spices... the version i used to get was also filled with ground beef in addition to the eggs, etc.

Is there anywhere in NYC to get a reasonable facsimile?

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  1. enter Brik in the search tab and you will get a few leads, My sense is that only Nomad and the place on Ave B are worth it.

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      1. re: noblejay

        It was in one of the earlier posts on either brik or Nomad. I think it was Ave B and 3rd St.

      2. I'm not sure it's exactly the same thing but they serve "Feuille de Brique" at A.O.C. on Bedford/Grove St. in the Village. I had it this summer and it was amazing.
        I believe it's phyllo dough stuffed with eggs and veggies, spices, etc.

        1. Epices on W70th has a tuna version-I like it, but can't say if it's authentic.

          1. Therer is a new Tunisian fast-food-type place on East 50th Street. They are now shut due to some kind of permit trouble but when they opened a month or so back, I asked the owner if he would be serving brik, since I have craved it ever since a stay in Tunisia long ago. He said he would think about putting it on his menu. I will ask him where to get it for now in NYC and report back if I get any info or if he puts it on his menu.

            1. is poeme (french/moroccan bistro) in nolita still around? they served brik.