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Sep 12, 2006 10:34 PM

Trader Joe's Opening in Roswell Ga

So Trader Joes corp office says the 1st metro ATL TJ's opens in Roswell on or around 16 October. So some say they have seen the sign and mentioned something like 'party city plaza on 92'. I live in town so I don't know Roswell. Where is this place, so that someone driving from 400 can find it ? Thanks

PS TJ's corp office wouldn't give an address.

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  1. Trader Joe's has a building under construction in Cobb County on Johnson Ferry Road at Roswell Road. This might be the Roswell reference you heard about. I believe it will have a Marietta address, rather than Roswell. It is about midway between the two cities.

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      This Trader Joe's you mentioned is not in Cobb, rather it's in Fulton. The location you mentioned is correct, but the city is quite positively Sandy Springs - in fact, you can't get much more "dead center" Sandy Springs than this. I'm unsure of the exact address, but it's in the Sandy Springs Plaza shopping center. There's a Pier 1 and a Wolf Camera in there. Anyway, after emailing with a Trader Joe's customer service rep, there are now 3 confirmed Trader Joe's locations! The Roswell store (address listed below), the Sandy Springs store, and the Midtown store.

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        Our street names continue to confuse all of us. There is a Johnson Ferry and Roswell (run north-south) in Sandy Springs - near Sandy Springs Plaza. There is also a Johnson Ferry and Roswell (runs east-west) in Cobb County between Marietta and Roswell. The Fulton County Roswell Road is (or was) Hwy 9 and the Cobb County Roswell Road is Hwy 120.

        It sounds like eventually there will be enough Trader Joe's for all of us. In the meanwhile, the first one to open is sure to be jammed - at least until the second one opens.

    2. There's also one opening on Monroe Drive in Midtown Atlanta although I don't know how soon. It's in the shopping center that includes the movie theatre and the Vietnamese restaurant, Nam (a great restaurant by the way in case you haven't tried it).

      1. I called Trader Joe's

        The FIRST to open in Metro ATL is the Roswell location
        635 W. Crossville Road
        Roswell,GA 30075

        Opening on or around (+-2 days) 16 October.

        1. There's a sign on Roswell Road at the Sandy Springs Plaza (in Sandy Springs) that says a Trader Joe's in coming soon. I don't know anything about the other locations.

          1. The store in Roswell on Crossville Rd is opening OCT 20th !!!!
            I called the store number listed on a job posting. This store is near Roswell High School and Hwy 92 which becomes Holcombe Bridge. I can not wait. It has got to be better than whole foods or Fresh market.

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              It is not better just different. Cheaper for sure, but you can't really take a recipe and go there and get what you need. They excel at inexpensive wine and beer, snacks, frozen foods, off the wall stuff. You may be disappointed at first but it grows on you. Enough that I import stuff when I travel for work.