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Sep 12, 2006 10:16 PM

Fall must! Caramel apples with peanuts

Where can I find the real deal in the DUMBO to Park Slope area? I used to go to a place in Bay Ridge when I lived there on 3rd Ave and 90 something street. Then I went to the Rocky Mountain Candy place that closed on Chambers Street. Now I need some more options. Anyone?

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  1. in queens go to the Italian Ice King of Corona - once fall and winter roll around they stop selling ices and sell only caramel apples in various flavors

    1. I am rarely in Queens unless I go to Buddha Bodai with my brother. But this might be worth a Zipcar trip!

      1. you're kidding - i NEVER knew ice king of corona sold caramel apples in the fall/winter?! i tried searching on-line for any hints about this, but nothing...

        i might have to call them myself and confirm b/c i am not believing my eyes!

        any idea when they start selling caramel apples?

        1. If you are in the city, the grand central market had 99 cent caramel apples when I walked through there today.

          1. Wow, thanks. I am and would walk over there at lunch to score some. They ARE autumn to me. That and hooded, zip-up sweatshirts and cocoa with marshmellows are my favorites.