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Fall must! Caramel apples with peanuts

Where can I find the real deal in the DUMBO to Park Slope area? I used to go to a place in Bay Ridge when I lived there on 3rd Ave and 90 something street. Then I went to the Rocky Mountain Candy place that closed on Chambers Street. Now I need some more options. Anyone?

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  1. in queens go to the Italian Ice King of Corona - once fall and winter roll around they stop selling ices and sell only caramel apples in various flavors

    1. I am rarely in Queens unless I go to Buddha Bodai with my brother. But this might be worth a Zipcar trip!

      1. you're kidding - i NEVER knew ice king of corona sold caramel apples in the fall/winter?! i tried searching on-line for any hints about this, but nothing...

        i might have to call them myself and confirm b/c i am not believing my eyes!

        any idea when they start selling caramel apples?

        1. If you are in the city, the grand central market had 99 cent caramel apples when I walked through there today.

          1. Wow, thanks. I am and would walk over there at lunch to score some. They ARE autumn to me. That and hooded, zip-up sweatshirts and cocoa with marshmellows are my favorites.

            1. i called lemon ice king.

              indeed, they start serving caramel apples once the weather cools down. here's the lowdown:

              - they don't expect to start serving caramel apples for another few weeks, probably deep in october. the man that answered the phone said it's not "cold enough outside."

              - the hours will change once it becomes cooler; in october, it'll be from 11am - 9pm and then on from 11am - 7pm.

              - they serve five flavors of caramel apples: cherry, coconut, sprinkles, caramel and butterscotch. no mention of any nuts, but i'm assuming it's an option! it HAS to be!

              - price: last year he said one was $1.75.

              thanks for the tip, i can't wait!!

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                Thanks for checking. This is a revelation for me too.

              2. i am still (im)patiently waiting for lemon ice king to start serving caramel apples!

                in the interim, i found caramel apples being sold in the fresh produce section of my local supermarket.

                it was actually pretty good, and not bad for 99 cents for one. i had the caramel apple with peanuts and the candy apple with peanuts. there was also a jelly apple with coconut shavings.

                the brand: tasteeapple (tasteeapple.com)
                the supermarket i go to: associated on 69th ave and approx 195th lane in fresh meadows, queens. it's a relatively new and smaller supermarket across the street from PS 26.

                enjoy! i will def report back once i get back from lemon ice king.

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                  drove past TLIKC - the lemon ice king of corona yesterday and the caramel apples were in the window. Your wait is over...

                2. I had a great caramel apple from the Grand Army Plaza farmers market last weekend. No peanuts, but still really good. It was the quality and freshness of the apple that made it so good, but the caramel tasted very homemade which I liked.

                  The stall that sells it is on the righthand corner if you are facing the park and they also have cider and fresh donuts.

                  1. Believe it or not, the best caramel apples I've ever had in New York City are from that little candy shop that's in Coney Island on Surf (?) Avenue, near Nathan's. It used to be my going-home treat after a Cyclones game. They use the crispest apples, and the caramel is really soft and fresh. You can choose peanuts or no peanuts. I think they also have the red candy apple types as well. Oh, and marshmallows dipped in caramel and peanuts-- which are just wayyyy too sweet!

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                    1. just to report back - i went to lemon ice king to try their apples. honestly, one was enough and i don't believe i will go back, for the apples, that is.

                      i tried the caramel apple with butterscotch crunch and the jelly with coconut apples. $1.75 each. the butterscotch was too sweet - i'd say opt for the one that only has caramel. the jelly/coconut was fine, nothing special. the biggest let down is that they don't have caramel with peanuts, my favorite combination.

                      there was also some crazy green candy coated color apple - very odd looking.

                      i've opted to make the caramel apples at home myself.

                      see you next summer, lemon ice king!