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Sep 12, 2006 09:59 PM

Russian/Georgian Bakery in Brighton Beach or where?

My son and sig other went to a great bakery somewhere near Brighton Beach. It was Russian or Georgian and had a wonderful cheese roll-type thing.

Any ideas?

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  1. The place is called Georgian Bread, and its very good

    Here's a recent post with the address - there are others.

    All their cooked food is very tasty - you can carry home a feast.

    1. that sounds great. There is also a great bakery on Brighton Beach Avenue (around BB13th?), north side of the street, just west of a grocery store with a big steam table selection and tons of other stuff, with delicious pastries and so damn cheap.

      1. The bread is called xachapuri. Its fluffyness is due to egg whipped into the hot cheese. The bread is baked in a tandor style looking oven. The Neptune Ave Georgian Bread store (simply named) is run by a nice Georgian man named Shota! Being american I find georgian cusine very unique in flavor. A combination of middle east meets India. If you like xachapuri then you should try ajara style xachapuri or ajaraxachapuri. The bread is in the shape of an elongated football and is open faced with steaming hot cheese with one raw egg with which you must stir into the hot cheese to cook. To eat this just break off pieces of the bread and use it as a dip. Awesome good eats and fattening as hell. Yummy!:)) try lobiani ( red beans mashed up with spices) this is within the bread like xachapuri. I had second day lobiani fried in a pan. I was in heaven eating this.:))))) mhsvidoba-peace in georgian!

        1. We planned to make a quick stop at Georgian Bread to pick up a khachpuri and then over to 86 St. for a Vietnamese lunch. My SO chatted with the owner in Russian, and declared him a very nice person--he even recommended a Georgian restaurant nearby. Well, the bread was still warm, so I couldn't resist tearing off a piece when we got the the car. To make a long story short, it was so heavenly that we couldn't even think about anything else for lunch, so we opted to pick up some coffee at a nearby DD and polished off the khachapuri with the coffee sitting in the car.

          It's a very good thing that I don't live nearby this place, because I would not be able to resist this amazing bread. It's a little pricey--$5 each, but so worth every cent. I can't wait for the next time I'm in Brooklyn to sink my teeth into another khachpuri. The address is 265 Brighton Beach Ave., near Brighton 5 St.

          1. here's a link to another discussion on Georgian places.