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Sep 12, 2006 09:56 PM

Trader Joe rec's

Currently chowing my way through another visit to New York. Yesterday, as I was meandering around Union Square, I noticed a bunch of people carrying Trader Joe's bags. I've seen Trader Joe's products mentioned countless times on this board but never had the pleasure of visiting a store. I followed the bags and found a jam-packed store - I never realized that the store was 80% TJ products. Now I get it. Anyway, before I head back to Toronto, I figured I'd pick up a few (non-perishable) items/ingredients to take back with me - what are your favourites?


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  1. I suggest you go next door to Trader Joe's wine store and bring your carry home from there. Some great bargains and good guidance from staff.

    1. These are only approximate names as I remember them now. Be sure to check their Fearless Flyer either online or at the store for a description of some new or old products.

      Black Olive Tapenade
      Balsamic Vinegar - the one in a squat squarish bottle with a red label
      Squat round jar of Roasted Red Pepper Spread
      Dundee Orange Marmalade - it's an opaque white jar
      Soup cartons - Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato, Spicy Roasted Corn or something like that
      Baked Pita Chips - I like either sesame or cinnamon flavor
      Don't miss the dried fruit and nut section - Honey Sesame Cashews are awesome; Dried Mission Figs feature regularly in salads in my home as do Raw Pignolas;
      Single Origin Chocolate bars
      Organic, Shade Grown and Fair Trade Certified Ethiopian Coffee - I was grinding can of these beans one time and another shopper stopped to ask which one it was.
      Cookies in clear plastic boxes - Triple Ginger Snap or something like that, Pecan Crunch, Almond Double Chocolate Chunk
      I love their Raspberry Vinaigrette - but it is in the refridgerated section. :(

      Lemme know if you'll have more space in your luggage! :)

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        Wow that's some list! I actually stay around union square funny how my cousins never mentioned Trader Joe's...Well then again they're a decade younger than me so they're not really hounding down serious chow!
        I'll be partaking in your upcoming American Thanksgiving so let me start the fasting now coz I'll be feasting on all those treats that we canadians are deprived of!

        As for refrigerated stuff I actaully brought back some Mango salsa from Costco/club price Heck it was winter so i figured it would be ahright, besides I flew back that time. That list just got me salivating... Okay time for some doldrum breakfast :)

      2. Their dried fruits are really good too.

        Try the "smashed bananas" and the chilli-spiced mango.

        They also make a very good prochuitto marinara sauce, if it's available.

        1. Oh how I miss Trader Joes's! Love their huge jars of olives...

          1. My new discovery is their Ceasar Salad Dressing with egg and anchovies, in the refrigerated section -- the BEST!!