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Dressler in Billyburg...any good?

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I remember reading some reviews when it first opened and wanted to try the place. Can anyone reccomend or tell me to stay away? Is is better than Dumont?


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  1. There hasn't been much, but here's some old reviews


    1. ate there on sunday and have had drinks at the bar a few times. pomegranate martinis are delicious, nice wine list, good service. it's pricey for what it is but no disappointments ... the crispy artichoke salad, bass and steak are all yums. get the onion rings on the side. a-ma-zing. spent $130 on 3 drinks, 1 ap, 2 entrees, 1 dessert.

      1. Great, but not super amazing. My boyfriend and I went there 3 weeks ago. The biggest standout for me was the fresh pea and lobster soup appetizer -- truly fabulous. I had the roast chicken main course, and actually prefer Dumont's. My boyfriend had fish (I can't exactly remember which), but said it was good, not great. For dessert, I had caramel creme brulee (scrumptious!) and the BF had strawberry rhubarb tart with buttermilk ice cream (also delish.) Ambiance and service were very nice. We also spent $130.

        1. We ate there over the summer and while it was perfectly pleasant and service was good, for the life of me, I can't remember what any of us ate. Not too memorable, in other words.

          1. I really liked it- especially the cucumber martini. Here is the link to a review I posted a while ago


            1. I found dressler to be surprisingly good (background: i don't like dumont burger, and hate dumont), but the cucumber martini?

              you can make that at home with a bottle of hendrick's... it's great but not at all unique.

                1. I went there about 2 months ago and haven't been able to stop thinking about the crispy artichoke salad someone mentioned above. The service was good, the food was good, and the restaurant itself was gorgeous. Considering the other restaurants in the Williamsburg vicinity, this is a welcome addition. I hear they have brunch too, which I will try soon.

                  1. Just ate there on Saturday for my birthday - and I had been there when it first opened as well. I had the scallop app, raviolo main course, and pear/cranberry crisp dessert - all was delicious. I'm not a fan of heavy dishes, so I thought the raviolo w/ ricotta & small butternut squash chunks was delicious without being overly filling like some pasta dishes can be. I love the decor in there (very cool ironwork, chandeliers) and the service was wonderful - although we were early for our reservation, we were seated immediately, and I think we were asked 3 times how everything was. All in all, I had an extremely pleasant dinner. I disagree with the opinion that it is overpriced, especially if you compare it with Manhattan restaurants of a similar caliber. Everything tasted fresh, well-balanced, and flavorful - although I can't compare it to Dumont as I've only had brunch there.