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Sep 12, 2006 09:38 PM

Dinner near Somerville Theatre

Venturing over there Sunday night. Anyplace nearby worth checking out for dinner? Gargoyle's is the only thing that comes to mind at the moment.

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  1. Sabur is a 10 minute walk up the street in Teele Sq, offering an interesting Balkan menu. One notch down in price/feel from Gargoyle's, but quite good food, nice atmosphere, and a pleasant, slightly unusual experience overall.

    Tu y Yo is also a 10 minute walk into Powderhouse Circle. Refined Mexican food in a fun, if sometimes deafeningly loud atmosphere.

    Both are fun for brunch too!

    1. I was going to suggest both of those as well. Sabur's a hidden gem!

      1. The one time I ate at Sabur, we were not wowed. In fact, everything we seemed to order that night was pretty ordinary (hummus, olives), oversalted (shrimp wrapped in grape leaves, IIRC), or greasy (beef burek). In Teele Sq., I prefer House of Tibet right across the street, Namaskar (best Indian in Boston in my opinion) or Gargoyles (eat at the bar) in Davis. If you are looking for simple but honest pub grub, we like PJ Ryan's (delicious hand-cut fries), also in Teele Sq.

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          I concur. I liked Sabur when it first opened, but the last time I was there I was also not wowed. HTK, Namaskar, Gargoyle's and PJ's are solid recs. If you feel the need for pasta, Amelia's in Teele is good in a pinch. There's also Qingdao Garden for Northern Chinese & Bangalore Cafe on Mass Ave (~7 min walk) if you feel the need.

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            I agree with a l i c e. The last time we went to Sabur was horrible. I got a risotto with vegetables that was swimming in liquid. I couldn't even eat it. I thought of sending this back and saying something to the manager but I decided that it won't matter. We wouldn't ever go back so we chalked it up as a lesson learned. BTW, previous visits were just ok. There are so many other better places in and around Davis Sq. Try Rudy's one block up.

          2. How about Cafe Barada on Mass. Ave.? They have excellent Lebanese/Syrian food, and the owner is about as nice a person as you will meet.

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              Bangladeshi food at Bengal Cafe, Mass. Ave. at Day St.

            2. I was not impressed with Sabur.

              Right next door to Gargoyles is Out of the Blue, a really good seafood restaurant with an Italian tilt. Have eaten there several times and each meal has been very good.