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Dinner for 60

HI guys,

I know there is a similar post floating around out there but mine is somewhat different so I figured it was worth getting your thoughts.
This is a group of professionals coming into town from all over the Northeast. They'll be here for a few days, and this group of 60 is a select group having dinner together. This isn't happening for a while, so we have plenty of time to decide and/or make a rez.

Here are the parameters:

-Money is no object
-Separate dining room would be ideal
-Looking for good food, something quinessentially Boston would be ideal, but is not a must
-Atmosphere should be somewhat sophisticated and sedate -- i.e. I love East Coast Grill but that probably is a bit raucous for this group, plus I don't think they have the ability to accomodate them anwyay.

I'm not really familar with places that deal well with larger groups like this and/or those with separate dining rooms.

I seem to remember Olives had a separate room, but I think it's smaller. And that wouldn't really be top on my list of places anyway.

What about Davio's?

Any other thoughts/ideas appreciated.

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  1. The private dining room at Mistral! If someone told me to plan a large dinner with $$ as no object, I'd be all over that.

      1. I was in the same boat last month, trying to plan a dinner but for only a third of your party (20 people). A few places that were on the short list (all have special arrangements for group dining): Eastern Standard, Central Kitchen (lunch only, but served upstairs in the Enormous Room, which might be fun), and Brasserie Jo. I had some other places in mind, but much smaller, funkier spaces that would not be able to accomodate 60 (one was Orinoco).

        1. Quintessential Boston that can handle this big a group: Locke-Ober Room, certainly their upstairs (third-floor) private dining room if not the main or downstairs rooms. Very nice, swanky, old school.

          Avila and Davio's are two rather similar high-end places (same owner) with extensive private-dining options. I'll bet 60 is in their wheelhouse. They're both basically luxury chophouses on one half of the menu, New Italian (Davio's) or pan-Southern-European (Avila) on the other. Of the two, I prefer Avila.

          Mistral is a good suggestion given these parameters.0

          Armani Cafe's upstairs private dining room might work. It's decent creative Italian in a nice-looking space on Newbury Street.

          1. Recently went to a couple of private functions at the State Room atop 60 State St. Once was the site of the Bay Tower. Food was quite good, much better than I remember from its earlier incarnations. New ownership and management seem to have poroduced significant improvement. And you can't beat the view.

            1. If money is really no object, call a good, smallish restaurant (No.9 Park, Ten Tables, The Rendezvous, Aspasia) and see if they'll open just for your group. 60 covers isn't a bad night, and they may be willing to close for your party alone.

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                There is NO WAY you could fit 60 people in Ten Tables (it's not called Ten Tables for nothing). I would also venture that 60 covers would not be a good night at No.9, doubtful they'd close for that, but I bet you could rent their second dining room (if it holds that many)

              2. Noticed that East Ocean City has a high end menu for ~$3400 per table (should feed about 10 people, so about $340 per person), a few days advance order required. That's food only, alcohol not included. The restaurant would likely fit 60 people. It's not super swanky, but it's relatively sedate.

                1. You want Locke-Ober hands down. No other private dining rooms come close.

                  1. We had a private birthday dinner recently at Lineage in Brookline. They use the room to the right for their private dining space. It was amazing! Wonderful service and food. We are big fans of Chef Sewall.

                    1. Third or fourth on Locke-Ober. Doesn't get more sedately sophisticated Bostonian than that. Expensive, fine food.

                      1. fifth on Locke-Ober for your needs very Bostonian

                        1. How about the wine cellar at the Federalist?

                          1. Had very satisfying experience holding a meeting, then dinner, in the private room at Mistral. You should see the rooms and menus here and Locke -Ober. Either would be very professionally handled.

                            1. I have been to the private room at Avila, and was greatly disappointed. Mistral sounds fab, though.