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Sep 12, 2006 09:09 PM

Dinner for 60

HI guys,

I know there is a similar post floating around out there but mine is somewhat different so I figured it was worth getting your thoughts.
This is a group of professionals coming into town from all over the Northeast. They'll be here for a few days, and this group of 60 is a select group having dinner together. This isn't happening for a while, so we have plenty of time to decide and/or make a rez.

Here are the parameters:

-Money is no object
-Separate dining room would be ideal
-Looking for good food, something quinessentially Boston would be ideal, but is not a must
-Atmosphere should be somewhat sophisticated and sedate -- i.e. I love East Coast Grill but that probably is a bit raucous for this group, plus I don't think they have the ability to accomodate them anwyay.

I'm not really familar with places that deal well with larger groups like this and/or those with separate dining rooms.

I seem to remember Olives had a separate room, but I think it's smaller. And that wouldn't really be top on my list of places anyway.

What about Davio's?

Any other thoughts/ideas appreciated.

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  1. The private dining room at Mistral! If someone told me to plan a large dinner with $$ as no object, I'd be all over that.

      1. I was in the same boat last month, trying to plan a dinner but for only a third of your party (20 people). A few places that were on the short list (all have special arrangements for group dining): Eastern Standard, Central Kitchen (lunch only, but served upstairs in the Enormous Room, which might be fun), and Brasserie Jo. I had some other places in mind, but much smaller, funkier spaces that would not be able to accomodate 60 (one was Orinoco).

        1. Quintessential Boston that can handle this big a group: Locke-Ober Room, certainly their upstairs (third-floor) private dining room if not the main or downstairs rooms. Very nice, swanky, old school.

          Avila and Davio's are two rather similar high-end places (same owner) with extensive private-dining options. I'll bet 60 is in their wheelhouse. They're both basically luxury chophouses on one half of the menu, New Italian (Davio's) or pan-Southern-European (Avila) on the other. Of the two, I prefer Avila.

          Mistral is a good suggestion given these parameters.0

          Armani Cafe's upstairs private dining room might work. It's decent creative Italian in a nice-looking space on Newbury Street.

          1. Recently went to a couple of private functions at the State Room atop 60 State St. Once was the site of the Bay Tower. Food was quite good, much better than I remember from its earlier incarnations. New ownership and management seem to have poroduced significant improvement. And you can't beat the view.