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Sep 12, 2006 08:56 PM

Best Vietnamese in Queens?

I am looking for great Vietnamese outside of Manhattan - my favorite is Pho Tay Ho in Brooklyn and I'd like to try something new.

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  1. Pho Bang in Elmhurst & Flushing

    1. Pho Bang is a family favorite that we have been going to for at least 12 years. I consistently like it better than Pho Bak which is in the same shopping center on Broadway in Elhurst just past the train tressel and across the street from Walgreens. It's near the R train stop but since I drive there (there's a parking lot) I cannt remember which one. There's also a few good chinese supermarkets, including Hong Kong around the corner.

      And the Indonesian supermarket is across the street and up the block.

      My favorite dish at Pho Bang is # 38 - grilled pork over rice noodles and salad for only 4.25 it's a complete meal.

      The flat rice cakes with grilled meats and pickled veggies to be wrapped in lettuce leaves are also quite good as is the Pho.

      Quick easy and delicious.

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        Thanks. Do you know if it's the same as Pho Bang on Mott Street?

        1. re: aleppopepper

          The various Pho Bangs differ a lot. The one on Main St in Flushing has much better pho than in Chinatown, Manhattan. I haven't tried the Elmhurst one but it sounds even better.

          1. re: kenito799

            I ate at that location a few years ago and got some shrimps that were so old I couldn't eat them. I take it, their quality control has improved since then?

      2. I've been to Pho Bang in Elmhurst many times for the pho, which is fantastic - as good as or better than any I had in Vietnam. They also do good spring rolls. Every other dish I've tried was bland and tasteless.

        1. Pho, on Prince St in Flushing has good seafood pho, curry chicken and summer rolls. I like it better than the Pho Bac and Pho Bang.

          1. I went to PHO BAC for lunch today based on so many recommendations. I had #25 (beef round & brisket). This is the best PHO I've ever had and it was served with lime which I prefer. I plan to be a regular.