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Sep 12, 2006 08:55 PM

Welch's Passion Fruit Juice + Soda Water= A Real Winner!

I bought some Welch's Passion fruit juice last week because I'm a sucker for passion fruit. It's blended with grape juice, but taste pretty passion fruity. Of course, being a mass produced product, it was too sweet for my taste. I always dilute OJ with water, but decided to mix this with equal parts club soda.

Fantastic! I tried a Fizzy Lizzy passion fruit soda awhile ago and loved it, but this was just as good and much much cheaper.

I think the passion fruit juice has good potential for a cocktail as well.

Do others have favorite passion fruit juice brands?

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  1. I just picked up some Torani passion fruit syrup at Smart & Final. It has a nice, bright passion fruit flavor to it. S&F had it for $3.99 for a 750 mL bottle, enough to make about 4-1/2 to 5 gallons of soda. Grab a couple more tropical flavors if you like and go wild. And to think, for this in a coffee house, they charge you two bucks a glass.

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    1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

      Ridiculous, isn't it? I've long known that Torani at home is the way to go.

      At Surfas in Culver City, they have something like 30 flavores of Monin, which I prefer to Torani. Too bad they charge close to $8 a bottle.

      I love Smart n' Final, but waiting for them to get good flavors in is sometimes annoying.

      Coconut Torani syrup over shaved ice with some mango cubes has been a staple last minute dessert this summer.

      1. re: Pei

        I believe that Fry's (yes, the electronic and then some store) in SoCal carries Monin for cheap. At least the Burbank store did when we used to live down there.

        I can become addicted to juice/syrup mixed w/ sparkling or mineral water. Be careful though...those syrups can make you gain 5 lbs. before you know it.

        1. re: Carb Lover

          <<cry>> I checked last time because I remembered you saying that, and they didn't have it!

          1. re: Pei

            That's too bad...You should also keep a look out at stores like Marshall's, Ross, etc. I've seen them in their dubious "food" sections. Some of the stuff there looks 10 yrs. old while other things like Monin might be fine...

            I'm not aware of any other passionfruit juices or syrups. For juice spritzers, I like Trader Joe's juice selections. Loosely related, TJ's carries Sharon's sorbet which has a nice passionfruit flavor. I liked it better than Ciao Bella and it's much cheaper.

            1. re: Pei

              I was just at Fry's Burbank yesterday, they definitely have Monin syrups. It's in a weird place -- just before you enter the cashier line. They alternate it between just outside the line (but visible from the doorway), to just INside the line, to further down the line by the chips.

              I can't believe I'm talking about sourcing ingredients at Fry's.

      2. In Australia they had cans and bottles of orange-passion fruit and mango-lime soda, made by Schweppes and Pepsi everywhere. They were 10 or 20% fruit juice and the rest seltzer, and they were delicious, you tasted the juice but they were also light and refreshing, and not too sweet. I wish they would sell them in the US. I have checked online at some of the soda specialty places, but haven't found them

        1. I'll have to look for that PASSION JUICE (bottled or frozen?).

          In Hawaii Passion/Orange Yogurt is a real winner!

          1. I get Roses' Passion Fruit Cordial at Jungle Jim's in Cincinnati. It is wonderful with just plain seltzer or add a tot of rum to that for a very refreshing tall drink. Champange would not be bad either with it.

            1. Apple & Eve Mango Passion is 100% fruit juice and is fantastic mixed with seltzer, green tea, or rosehip/hibiscus tea. The juice on its own is unbearably heavy to my taste, but it's very tasty mixed with lighter stuff.