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Sep 12, 2006 08:54 PM

Dying for a Curry in Kansas City

I had the best curry twice/week in England last summer and now I'm having a craving. We've been to Touch of Asia (105th & Metcalf) which is pretty good. Is there another authentic Indian restaurant in town we can try?

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  1. I'm no expert on Indian food but Korma Sutra behind Applebees at Metcalf and College is very good.

    Not Indian but the Seafood in Yellow Curry at The Thai Place rules. Generous portions of squid, shrimp, mussels, and "krab" in yellow curry sauce and rice as spicy as you like.

    1. One of my favorites when we lived in KC was Taj Mahal at 75th and Wornall. Don't waste your time with Great India on 39th street.

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        Taj Mahal and Great India had owners in common. I'd liked Great India when it first opened but switched to Taj Mahal when they opened some years later.

        The name Great India has changed within the past year or so and now has Taj Mahal in the name but I can't recall precisely what it is now. I've heard their food is now more like the Waldo location offers. Haven't checked for myself.

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          Just checked the name now used for the old Great India. It's now called Taj Palace. I was out anyhow so just drove by to see. That space will always be Cafe Lulu to me!

      2. There are a couple of places that were not recommended above that you may want to try:

        Kebabesh (119th & US-69)- This is a Pakistani place, and they have a couple of pretty good curry dishes.

        Swagat (Zona Rosa)- I haven't been, but it's all vegetarian. I have friends who swear by this place.

        If you want non-Indian curry, go to Salsa's Mexican Grill on 135th and Nieman on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I know it doesn't sound like a place to get good curry, but the family that owns it is Malaysian, and on the days mentioned above, there is a Malaysian menu. We went there a couple of weeks ago and I loved it!

        1. I just went to Kababesh's website. I'm definitely going to try it. I haven't seen haleem on a menu anywhere around here. The same with kata kat.
          Swagat didn't used to be vegetarian. Have they changed? They had wonderful lamb vindaloo.
          Both Korma Sutra locations are great. We've never had a mediocre curry at either location. Has anyone tried Taj Palace on 39th Street? It's where Great India used to be.

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            Sawgats is not vegetarian. It is fabulous. However, I've never had the curry. My husband also loves love the lamb vindaloo. (I'm going to have to send him on a scouting mission to Runchi's as he works right around the corner.)

          2. All the local Indian boy and girl transplants as well as many locals I know in KC are ga-ga over Runchi's Indian Cuisine off of College Blvd. and Antioch. This is the only lunchtime Indian Buffet worth visiting . . .the number one reason the buffet isn't made of entirely brown dishes as most Indian cuisine tends to look all brown when placed side by side on a buffet line. Curry galore is found here. This place has a wonderful mix of both Northern Indian and Southern Indian dishes it serves. At dinner, you will find Runchi's private and a quiet place to wind down in the evening. Thai Place, Kababesh Grill and Korma Sutra are all other nice Indian inspired places to visit, but Runchi's is hands down considered the most authentic Indian in Kansas City.
            Ruchi Indian Cuisine
            11168 Antioch Rd
            Overland Park, KS 66210

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              I agree. I love their varied lunch buffet. Ruchi's is the best I have found.