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Sep 12, 2006 08:37 PM

best "vintage" restaurants on the Peninsula

hey, I'm doing some research...looking for the oldest, the most classic, restaurants in the Peninsula....SSF all the way down to Sunnyvale/Santa Clara...the places that have been "institutions" for years and years...

so far all I've got is The Van's in Belmont...opened 1947...

others worth noting?


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  1. Kirk's Steakburger: 50+ years in Palo Alto, though it changed locations a few years ago.

    Although I'm not exactly sure how old they are, the Oasis and the Dutch Goose, both in Menlo Park, have been keeping Stanford students in burgers and beer for generations.

    1. I'm not sure of exact dates, but on the peninsula I believe that Ming's (palo alto), Harry's Hofbrau (redwood city), and the Village Pub (woodside) have all been around since at least the 1950's.

      1. Along the same lines as The Van's (which isn't great, by the way) is Val's in Daly City. They have a bar with a fireplace in the front-karaoke on fridays-and the menu in the restaraunt is of the salad/soup, entree, dessert all included variety. I think all of the seafood is fried. Another version of the Van's and Vals is the 16 mile house in Millbrae.

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          I love the octogenarian atmosphere at Val's, but the prices are too high for me for the quality of the food.

        2. Bertolucci's in South SF. Now renamed Sodini's Bertolucci's, but I don't think they've changed it much.

          1. How about the Alpine Inn Beer Garden? It's been in Portola Valley (under different names) forever. Here's a link to its history:


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              Thank you, Nancy for the link. Sure brings back memories.