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Sep 12, 2006 08:30 PM

West Hollywood Birthday: Fat Fish?

Was thinking of starting birthday festivities as Fat Fish in West Hollywood (on Robertson). Will likely have a group -- somewhere between 10 and 15. Doubtful larger, but maybe I'm more popular than I thought. On a Thursday night.

A friend recommended Fat Fish. Any opinions or recommendations of somewhere else we could go in the neighborhood?

Will likely want to follow-up with some bar going. Mixed crowd, gay/straight and male/female.

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  1. Fat Fish is not bad, but not good either. If you want a bar scene and not bad but not good go up to sunset to sushi to die for, mush better drinks...the food at both places is just is better on suset to.

    1. If you go to Fat Fish, I highly recommend the lobster roll, and this one roll that they flambee and place on your table with fire around it...and get the banana sundae dessert - architectural dessert phenom.

      1. I was just there recently for happy hour, and for happy hour (5-7), it is a good deal ($4 flavored margaritas, rather cheap rolls [all the ones we had had cooked fish, though], etc - see their website for a more detailed menu). I don't know if I'd eat there full-price, though. And I don't think there are too many other bars in the area, so if you start there, you'd probably have to drive/cab elsewhere. But it would be a good gathering place if you can get there for the happy hour deals.

        Also, I was rather impressed with the bartender as I watched him make other drinks - in particular, the mojitos, which looked really good, and the blackberry sangria (we got a taste, and yum!).

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          You must be kidding, "I don't think there are too many other bars in the area." I can think of a half dozen within two blocks (heading up to Santa Monica Blvd), and the bar at Morton's is just across Melrose.

          But I am sure Lefty Brian knows this.