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Sep 12, 2006 08:27 PM

TSUKUSHI (near UN) still good these days?

Hi All,

I'm an ex-new Yorker visiting back for a few days. Wanted to know how Tsukushi is these days. Has anyone had their omakase lately?

Or other suggestions would be cool.


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  1. It is still there and still very good.

    1. Thanks, sushiman! Do you think I'll need a reservation to sit at the bar for omakase?

      1. i was there two weeks ago...while it was a solid meal, it wasn't quite as yummy as on some of my previous visits (there was a time when i was going there a couple times per month, but i hadn't been since March or so)...could have been just that the selections that night weren't my favs...they didn't do the wonderful salad as the final course, which is often my fav, esp. when they make it w/ scallops...go and tell us what you think...

        1. Simon,

          Is there anything special I should request when going there?


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            Hi...well, generally i let the chef do his own thing...if you have anything you *don't* eat, it's fine to tell them beforehand of course...if they don't serve you the big salad at the end (sometimes it's w/ scallops, sometimes fried chicken, etc), you can request it as additional course (or i suppose you could tell them in advance that you've heard it's good but i'd say just leave things to chance and see what happens)...

            As for other restaurant suggestions: Ushi Wakamaru is now my favorite sushi place in the city -- traditional authentic sushi w/ many items flown in from Tokyo...have fun...