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Restaurant for rehearsal dinner close to Ace Conference Center in Lafayette Hill?

Can anyone recommend a moderately priced restaurant for a rehearsal dinner that is within easy driving distance (10-20 minutes) of the Ace Conference Center in Lafayette Hill? A liquor license is a must and the menu choices should appeal to those who may not be adventurous eaters. Thanks.

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  1. The General Lafayette Inn is nearby. Also, you will be close to Chestnut Hill, which has a few restaurants.

    1. I looked into the General Lafayette Inn to host a bridal shaower and was very happy with it. Nice atmosphere (downstairs) and reasonable prices. They offer a nice buffet option if your party is larger.

      1. And great beer at the General Lafayette!

        1. Persian Grill
          637 Germantown Pike
          Lafayette Hill, PA 19444
          (610) 825-2705
          URL: http://www.persiangrill.net/

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            Persian Grill is very good, but we took some non-advenuturous types there and they really hated it. Didn't even finish their food. Even kebabs are weirdly spiced.

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              We are very adventurous and thought Persian grill stunk. The kabobs were ok. Everything else was mediocre. The service was terrible. We waited 45 minutes to get the server's attention for a check then waited another 15 minutes for them to bring it to the table.

              1. re: joluvscards

                I agree you gotta stick with the kebobs. Too much fruit otherwise.

          2. Thanks for the information on The General Lafayette Inn. I'll definitely check it out. What is the general consensus on Thomas' in Manayunk? Please forgive my ignorance - I'm from New Jersey. Thanks again.

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              I would say Thomas's is not what you are looking for. The food is generally bad.

              Perhaps look into Solaris Grille in Chestnut Hill, or maybe Cin Cin? I think that place "Rollers" also does lots of private parties, but I've never eaten there.

            2. I'd go with Roller's over Solaris any day. Food at Solaris is one step above a chain restaurant.

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                I agree about Solaris - overpriced, over rated, and really bad service! I think the only reason they get customers is location, there really are not many good restaurants in Chestnut Hill. That is disappointing because it is such a great area.

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                  Agreed -- but one thing Solaris does have going for it is a nice atmosphere.

              2. I'm always hoping for better restaurants in Chestnut Hill. Any news on the sale of Citrus? I really like that place. Also, the new byob Cafe Barcelona is pretty good.

                1. Just thought of another one which might be very nice for you. Cresheim Cottage Cafe, in Mt. Airy, right past Chestnut Hill. On Germantown Ave. Very cozy and very good food in an historic building. One room has a fireplace


                  1. hello- I stumbled on this thread while also searching for a rehearsal dinner location. Have you booked a place for your dinner? if yes, which location did you choose and would you recommend it?