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Pigalle - What the space like?

I made reservations for Pigalle as I've seen good reviews on the food and recommendations as a romantic spot. How is the dining room set-up? Do I need to ask for a table away from the kitchen or are most of the tables good tables? It's a special occasion.

Any 'must have' food recommendations?

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  1. Very much the French bistro -- tables close together, wicker backed chairs. I was there for brunch in the main dining room, and it was very nice, though romantic it was not. Maybe the area on the other side of the bar is better? Anyway, the food was great as were the prices. You will have a blast!

    1. I haven't been in a while, but I think Jen may have confused it with another spot. I love Pigalle. I've always thought of it as romantic, warm, and inviting, and I especially like the cozy high-backed booths - which you should definitely request for a special occasion. I linked to a pic at Boston Citysearch which should give you an idea of the atmosphere.


      1. jenhen definitely confused with someplace else. I think one of the most romantic spaces in city Recent renovations have made the " bad table" issue moot.But you should ask for the banquette booth if a special occasion for 2 people . We had tasting menu there last Sunday nite and I was in heaven. My favs are the tuna roll, tuna martini, Thai lobster, and anything he does with steak ( from frites to the most elegant tenderloin) is terrific You will really enjoy

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          capeanne - can you tell me more? We're thinking of trying the tasting menu for the first time...

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            Sure But we are doing memory and age against us .Amuse of beet terrine. Soft red beet layered with cheese. First course was the Summer Greek salad in perfect portion. Refreshing and delicious .Second course was tuna martini. ( I had never had before as I always lean to the tuna roll but this was a revelation to me ) . Then we had choices and DH had scallop with Nantucket Bays , clam and mussel and I had shrimp tempura. By now I was levitating . There was a next course which DH recalls as steak tartare for him and I haven't a clue what I chose and finally the main was Steak Diane with aligot potato and WOW WAS THAT AMAZING ..and then dessert dessert ...we did wine pairing which I could never reconstruct as at this point I needed to go up the street to NEMC emergency room to be resuscitated. I don't usually go overboard re descriptions like this one ( and to get a sense our 2 elegant restos are Pigalle and Salts and during the week we love Rendezvous ) but this was one of the best damn meals I have had in a very long time We weren't " stuffed or groggy" but very satisfied and the pace and portions were great . Enjoy

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              Wow. You convinced me. Thanks so much!

        2. I love that room: dim lighting, low noise levels, intimate seating. I prefer the tables along the front (Charles St South side) of the restaurant, which seem a little more private.

          1. When I ate there they sat my friend at I at a booth near the entrance that was really not well set up for 2 people. If it is for a romantic affair, as for a table down one of the sides of the restaurants, maybe close to the window.

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              Interesting - I haven't been since the renovation and all the booths used to be on the back wall. Thanks for the update!

            2. I just went to Pigalle on Saturday night for their tasting menu. Here’s my review from a new Pigalle fan.

              I have heard differing opinions on the servers. Nothing turns me off faster than bad or snotty service. We had two – one was very professional and the other was sweet. We had a good experience with both. We don’t go out to expensive dinners very often but aren’t entirely inexperienced, so I think anyone would feel comfortable with the service we had, neither pretentious nor sloppy. There was a bit of time between courses and it was wisely done. If they come too close together, you’ll be too full to enjoy them. If you need more time they will graciously comply. When you go for the tasting menu, make a night of it.

              The space can get a little noisy but you can still carry on conversation. During our meal a bachelorette party of 10 joined the room right next to us and there were still no big noise issues. For romance, request a banquette table or a booth table along the back wall when you make your reservation, and be sure to make one for the weekend. The dining room is too full for walk-ins.

              We had the grand with wine which is all 7 offerings, but they also offer the petit which is five, and both come with or without wine. Here’s the list and it was greatly enjoyed by both of us. I requested a written list of the wines so I could take it home with me and they graciously complied. Anything marked 1 and 2 shows the choices for the petit menu. Obviously the menu changes according to market, but I think this is a good representation on what you might expect on the fall menu.

              Amuse bouche: Crab cake.
              Wine: Blanquette de Limoux Brut, Alain Cavailles

              Salad course: Greens with feta, corn, and tomatoes with an oregano pesto.
              Wine: Entre Deux Mers, Chateau Tour de Mirambeaux 2005 - This wine is certainly not a sipping wine on its own, but was wonderful with the salty salad, balanced it perfectly.

              App course 1: Steak tartare with toast point and chips - Excellent tartare, could have used another toast point and no chips, but I don’t eat potato chips anyway
              Wine: Sauvignon blanc, Henri Bourgeois 2005 – on personal preference, I would have liked a red here instead

              App course 2: Tuna martini with roe and wasabi crème fraiche – This is the only offering I wasn’t gushing about. I thought the tuna was too mushy, not in tiny chunks but pasty and too spicy for me, but my DH loved it and ate the rest of mine.
              Wine: Mas Sainte Berthe 2005, Provence – a nice rose, great pairing

              Fish course 1: Crusted Scallop, clam and mussel with parsnip ravioli in broth – I could have eaten an entire plate of the ravioli
              Wine: Riesling, Kronenbourg Becker Alsace, 2001 (for both fish courses) – crisp and citrusy, not too sweet, great Riesling

              Fish course 2: Tempura shrimp and risotto – I loved this dish, the tempura, the risotto, both wonderfully done. DH said it wasn’t his favorite, but that didn’t stop him from helping himself to a few more shrimp from the accompanying bowl.
              Wine: see above

              Main course: Steak Diane with mashed potatoes and onion strings – the steak was perfectly medium rare, but the potatoes weren’t anything special and seemed a bit cold. I can never get enough onion strings.
              Wine: Seguret Domaine Jean David, Rhone, 2004 – a bold red and a very welcome change from the pale

              Dessert: Peanut butter ice cream with a little pb&j with banana sandwich – yummy!
              Wine: 10 year tawny port, Cockburn, Portuga – I don’t drink port as it’s just too sweet for me. DH happily had 2 glasses