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Sep 12, 2006 08:17 PM

Penang Garden, Milpitas report (pics-later..)

P. and I went here for lunch 9/12/06. It's a nice, clean place with modern designs. Malaysia & Singapore Cuisine.

We ordered a few things then we got Free hot and sour soup with our lunch.

1. Roti canai-It's Malaysia all time favorite, crispy style pancake, dip w/ curry sauce $2.95-good

3. Roti Morta Bak-home made Indian bread w/ beef, egg & onion dipped in potato curry sauce $4.95-good

P. got pahd (sic) thai $6.50 lunch/$7.95 dinner?-stir fried flat noodle w/ shrimp, chicken, egg, tofu, bean sprout, & ground peanut. I didn't see any chicken or bean sprout, and no ground peanut, why is there lettuce in it. Just ok. Huge portion.

I got #79 Chow Kueh Teow $6.50 lunch/$7.95 dinner. Malaysia famous stir fried noodle w/ shrimp, bean sprout, egg, soy sauce & chili pepper. It was ok, small flat noodle, not the Chinese chow fun noodles that I like, I didn't notice any chili pepper in the dish. Huge portion.

I didn't check out the bathrooms-must be in the back, we were closer to the kitchen.

Recommended. Dishes I want to try next time: pineapple fried rice, Hainanese chicken rice lunch special, etc.

Credit Cards taken here.

Penang Garden
278 Barber Ln (next to Golden Island)
Milpitas CA 95035


Open 7 days a week
M-Th 11-3; 5p-10pm
Fri 11-3; 5p-1AM
Sat 11a-1AM
Sun 11a-10pm

pics later tonight

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  1. Isn't this place a chain? I remember when several restaurants w/ this name opened on the East Coast, in various cities, anyway.

    1. Just curious, why did you order Pad Thai from a Singapore/Malaysian restaurant?

      1. Problem Child: I didn't pick pad co-worker did, he didn't want any rice dishes, which I would have liked to try. Not my choice I tell you. It was similar to the Chow Kueh Teow and just ok.

          1. The roti canai is very popular w/my family... We ate here last week & got 2 orders for my family of 5, which was consumed within minutes. My younger sister also ordered the pad thai - she's not very adventurous. My favorite dish: the Malaysian short ribs. Not very exotic, but has a comfort food feeling. It helps that I love anything fried. Penang Garden doesn't get as crowded as Banana Leaf. The service at PG is always friendly and everything comes out fast.