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Sep 12, 2006 08:14 PM

Leff in Lancaster County

As a proud resident of Lancaster County PA, I am so sorry I missed Leff's tour of the county on his big eat-o-rama. I could have told Jim that you certainly can buy a six pack in PA and even given him a tip or two. Thank you Mr. Leff for doing nothing at all to debunk stereotypical thinking of Lancaster County chow. I'm sorry the owner of his B&B only received snide comments. Lots of snappy pater, though. I would have hoped for more, but I got what I guess I expected. I'm sorry we disapointed Leff, but it seems he had his mind made up long before he got here. I'm sure this won't last long, hope one or two read it before it does.

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  1. Haven't read the Leff article yet, but I'd certainly be interested to hear the tips you would've offered. I've only made one foray into Lancaster County since I moved to PA - I had some great crabs, actually. I'm looking forward to another visit soon, so please dispense some local food-related wisdom...

    1. actually I think Jim liked Mrs. Stozfus's cooking at the Old Stone guesthouse even if he felt like a fish out of water there - My Mom is still making Mrs. S's bagel recipe (not classic but good). She is a fine baker and a very nice older woman.

      Personally, Im not sure that church socials are going to produce much better food than the local restaurants since (judging by what's available in markets) there are a lot of shortcut products in use and available for big feeds rather than scratch cooking. The use of mixes seems to have gotten much more widespread in the "Penna Dutch" community in the last 10 years or so and Id question whether new expert bakers (especially pie bakers) are coming up to replace the older generation.

      ps - if you think Jim's list - which is rather old, I think - is a bad one - we'd all love to see some fresh suggestions or annotations of his list right here on this Board for delicious eating in this area.