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Sep 12, 2006 08:00 PM

Southfield Dinner Emergency! Help please!

[edit: I probably should've said "Detroit area" in the title - oops.]

Hello there Midwestern hounds - I hope you can help me out here.

There are about 6 of us here from out of town for work and it looks like we're going to be stuck in the office late tonight, Tuesday. Do you have any recommendations for takeout or delivery in Southfield, Michigan? Any cuisine, any price range. We're right by those two Marriotts on Northwestern Highway inside the box formed by Civic Center Drive, Lahser, 11 Mile, and Telegraph roads.

Whaddya think - any ideas? Thanks!


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  1. On Northwestern (just go north from your location):

    Beans and Cornbread (creative southern comfort food)
    Kabobgy Lebanese Cuisine (middle eastern and oddly, sushi too)
    Bacco (high end Italian)
    Little Daddy's (Greek, in the Applegate Square)
    Buddy's Pizza

    Musashi (Japanese, sushi) in 2000 Town Center

    There's a few, offhand...

    1. Thanks, Cherie! Do you love any of these places in particular? Ethnic goes over well with this crowd.

      1. I'm so sorry, I'm probably too late to respond to your followup post.

        What did you end up withand how did it go?

        1. Hey Cherie,

          We got takeout from Bacco and it was delicious. So so good. I got a lot of credit.

          Thanks so much for the hookup.

          We work here a fair amount so we'll be counting on you. Thanks again.


          1. Oh, well, you chose one of the best restaurants in the Metro Detroit area! It's highly acclaimed around here. So glad you liked it.

            I'm happy to help any time.