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Sep 12, 2006 07:34 PM

Renaissance Harborplace

I'm coming to Baltimore in mid October. We are having a tradeshow and looking for a few restaurants for a dinner out night with a lot of people from all over the country. I keep reading about how there's nowhere to eat near there that's very good. For now we have reservations in about 4 different restaurants in Little Italy. I was looking into Fells point....Any thoughts on where to take a diverse group without a lot of travel involved? And good food, of course!!

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  1. What are the four places in Little Italy?

      1. I'd say 4 nights in a row in Little Italy is a little much. Many would say that one night in Little Italy is too much...but I'd consider at least looking for 3 other options.

        How big is the group?

        1. Fells Point:


          Henningers Tavern

          Inner Harbor East

          Charleston (very pricey

          Butchers Hill