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Sep 12, 2006 07:24 PM

Best Breakfast in E. Village?

I'm looking for a great breakfast spot in the East Village. Preferrably something with lots of options and that has a "cozy" feeling. Thanks!

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  1. My fav is Veselka on 2nd Ave bet 8th and 9th. If you're going on a weekend day it's pretty crowded. Huge selection including blintzes, pancakes, challah french toast, omelettes, cereal, oatmeal. etc., etc.

    1. veselka is EXTREMELY crowded on weekend days and though it's a favorite of mine, the omelettes/scrambled eggs are terrible. great pancakes/french toast, though.

      my current favorite is cafe orlin on st. mark's between 2nd and 3rd, and there's also the excellent clinton street baking company (not quite e.v. but close). it's too crowded on the weekends, but during the week you can have a huge, leisurely breakfast.

      1. Another good option is 9th St. Market. The wait can be long, but the brunch is great, especially the pancakes. BIG pancake portions, and I think the brunch specials are $10.

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          fyi, 9th St Market is also open for breakfast on Thursday and Friday starting at 10AM and is usually pretty empty around that time.

        2. Try either:

          Cafe Mogador

          Ol' Devil Moon

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            I second Mogador, really good food...the brunch has about six versions of eggs benedict and all are winners due to the perfectly poached organic eggs.

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              Yeah, when I saw the title "Best Breakfast in E. Village," I immediately thought of Cafe Mogador. It may be a bit _too_ "cosy," but the food is excellent.

          2. odm's brunch is delicious, but it's weekends-only (unless they've recently changed).