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Sep 12, 2006 07:09 PM

Lower East Side Food Tour Map

I put together this tour of 12 must-see (or at least should-see) sights for my sister, who will be visiting the Tenement Museum and wants to check out the nearby food places. Did I forget anything, particularly any vestige of the old Jewish neighborhood down there? (I know I skipped Chinatown and the East Village).

I wish the mapping program let me renumber the points...they are entered in the way I input them, not in the obvious order of visiting them.

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  1. food places:
    Tides Seafood for the 120,000 bamboo skewers in the ceiling
    Shillers for the bathroom
    Suba for the indoor pond
    DASH for the steel laden floor and cantilevered counter
    Ini Ani for the coffee lid plaster wall
    Essex Farmers Market for one of the last great markets

    The Back Room for the 1920s style design

    Orchard between Delancy and Houston for the old buildings and street vendors
    Clinton between Delancy and Houston for the ghetto fab

    that's all I can think of...enjoy.

    1. Not really the traditional Jewish stuff, but still quite yummy, Sugar Sweet Sunshine.
      And though it sounds like she won't be there late, what about the Korean sandwhich cart?
      I second Tides, that place is a design miracle.

      1. Thanks, I incorporated some of your suggestions for my sister.

        Here's a revised link to the map ====>

        And here's the text I gave my sister, in case anyone else wants to do a one mile food tour of the lower east side starting at the tenement museum:

        The Josephs Inaugural Lower East Side One Mile Eating Tour

        1. Tenement Museum (90 Orchard Street
        )2. Gus's Pickles (86 Orchard Street)
        3. Sweet Life Candy Store (63 Hester Street) (old fashioned Jewish candy store)
        4. Gertel's Bakery (53 Hester Street) (real old fashioned Jewish bakery)
        5. Kossar's Bialys (367 Grand Street) (best bialys in NY and a real throwback, you should buy one)
        6. Doughnut Plant (379 Grand Street) (some people swear by them, some people say what's the fuss?)
        7. Essex Street Market (Essex St north of Delancey) (European style market hall with various ethnic vendors. Don't miss the Jewish wine guy)
        8. Tides Seafood Restaurant (102 Norfolk St) (haven't been yet, but supposed to be a great seafood place with an interesting ceiling)
        9. Schiller's Bar (131 Rivington St) (Great tequila selection in particular, I'm told the bathroom is a must-see)
        10. Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery (126 Rivington Street) (The home of the red velvet cake cupcake, among other kinds)
        11. Economy Candy (108 Rivington) (Inexpensive candy in bulk, large selection)
        12. Il Labatorio del Gelato (95 Orchard Street) (Don't miss this one, innovative flavors, and free tastes).
        [walk up Orchard Street, see all the Jewish clothing stores, now rapidly becoming Hispanic]
        13. Katz's Deli (205 East Houston) The place for a pastrami sandwich. Home of the "I'll have what she's having" scene from When Harry Met Sally
        14. Russ and Daughters (179 East Houston) The place for smoked fish, among other stuff.
        15. Yonah Schimmel (137 East Houston) Old Jewish knish place. Not my favorite, but I do like the cabbage knishes.

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          Yeah, and $1 tasty tacos at Hop Devil Grill on Tuesdays. (129 St. Marks Place). Also, you've gotta try the Hummus over at Hummas right near Cafe Mogador.

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