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Sep 12, 2006 07:01 PM

toronto trip, what delicacies should i bring back?

so far we have ice wine and maple syrup on our list. but what else? i cant believe i cant think of anything else.

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    1. Yeah, we need to know where you're going back to. If it's Montreal, no need to get back bacon, but if it's Greece, you might want to pick some up.

      1. not to mention certain chocolate bars... ; )

        1. to virginia. sorry about that.

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          1. re: violet

            All of the chocolate bars that aren't available in the States. Cadbury Flakes, Aero Bars, Wunderbars, Coffee Crisp, Crispy Crunch...

            I would have said maple sugar candies, but I imagine you would be able to get those pretty easily in Virginia.

            Happy chowing!

            1. re: TorontoJo

              Mr. Big bars. As Tony would say, "They're gggggreat!!"

              Also Smarties. Check out this post


            2. re: violet

              Cadbury Flakes, Aero Bars, Wunderbars?,Coffee Crisp, Crispy Crunch
              Many of these are not actually "CHOCALATE" bars. To be considered a chocalate bar there must be a certain measurable amount of chocolate contained within the bar, otherwise it will be labelled as a 'CANDY' bar.
              Just thought you might like to know that.before recommending.
              A Neilson's Jersey Milk is a REAL CHOCOLATE bar.

            3. i think you're just the right person to check out this old thread

              it's the what's better in canada thread. you might find it an entertaining if not resourceful read before you head on over. although it covers all of canada rather than just toronto so you may have to search within that thread for toronto/ontario based goodies.

              this might be sacrilege to some, but do try some of the red ice wine. apparently it's a ridiculous hit over in japan selling at over $200 a bottle for what you get here at maybe $50. it often has lots of strawberry notes. there's also a chocolate and chili one if you're curious... i'd have to send you out to niagara on the lake to get that though.