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Sep 12, 2006 06:35 PM

Calgary: good gourmet shops for basket

I live out East, but would like to send my Calgarian sister-in-law a really nice gourmet gift basket for her birthday (~$75-100).

Can you please recommend your favorite places? (or steer me clear of bad ones!).

Thanks a bunch!

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  1. I'm not sure who does them, but the cookbook company could (if they did these types of things) put together an awesome one. Janice Beaton or Springback Cheese, Les Truffles all could put together something nice and super high quality.

    1. Sunterra does gift baskets as well with premium products, but i find them to be excessively overpriced.

      Try Cookbook Company - they are physically next to an excellent wine store (Metrovino), so they might be able to combine the food and wine.

      Something else to always consider would be a gift basket from Bernard Callebaut (premium chocolate producer here in Calgary). It'd be all chocolate, but i've never met a sister-in-law who wouldnt like that!

      1. I would concur with the Cookbook Company-I believe they have a website-as they are probably the best gourmet shop in town. My sister (Toronto) ordered a basket for my father a couple of years ago and it worked out quite well. If you want to add some wine talk to Richard Harvey next door at Metrovino.

        1. This is why I love, love, love Chowhound!

          Thanks so much everyone, I really appreciate your suggestions. I will try the Cookbook Store--their website looks very promising.

          ...aaaand maybe I'll order some Callebaut for myself ;)

          1. If your sister-in-law likes Italian, Mercato does some beautiful baskets. They can make them any price range you want - You can pick the items you want (nice for the personal touch) or just give them an idea of what you want to include. They also deliver or you can even call and they'll send a gift certificate and then your sister-in-law can get the types of items she likes.