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Sep 12, 2006 06:23 PM

Enchiladas - does it matter what kind of tortilla you use?

Most enchilada recipes call for corn tortillas, but they always seem to fall apart during cooking. Can you use flour tortillas? Is this common?

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  1. I never use flour tortillas for enchiladas - they get gooey under the sauce. I prefer corn that I dip in warm sauce to soften and then roll. Sure, some of them break, but when I heat them in the oven with cheese, all is forgiven.

    1. to me, the enchiladas just won't taste 'right' if made with flour tortillas..

      try briefly frying the tortillas and then dipping in heated sauce before assembling and cooking...some recipes don't even have you bake the tortillas after assembling, to avoid them breaking apart.

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        I never have a problem with them breaking up. I fry first until just leathery and then dip in sauce. My favorite enchiladas are not rolled but stacked in layers and then a fried egg goes on top. Always use corn tortillas, if you use flour you have a burrito not an enchilada.

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          I fry too for less than a minute, and they hold up great.

        2. Are you LIGHTLY frying your Corn Tortillas? Some people do make Enchiladas out of flour tortillas, for me though, I don't like it at all (As others have mentioned, it gets gummy and doughy in flavor)

          What I do is lightly fry the tortillas (So they get crisp edges but are still pliable. If you can take one out with the prongs of a fork with out it falling but it still just blends slightly, that is what you want) and then dip is sauce and roll.

          I don't believe in dipping in sauce BEFORE frying. that is just a personal preference because I like the taste of toasted corn in my enchiladas.

          Don't add more sauce until you are ready to serve (Either if you are plating directly or placing in a dish to put in the oven or microwave)


          1. To me they aren't enchiladas if made with flour tortillas. I believe that it's very important that your corn tortillas be really fresh. I find that the older, more dried out ones tend to break easily. Don't fry them too much or they'll get too crisp. I don't fry mine at all -- I "paint" the surface of my cast iron griddle with oil, then heat the tortilla until it's warm and soft, then paint more and then do the next tortilla. Then I dip them in sauce and then fill them and roll them, then put sauce on top plus grated cheese, then into the oven.

            1. Definitely corn tortillas. I also fry them very lightly. Also, I find frying them get them less mushy when they are baked. When I am too lazy, I microwave them for a few seconds (covered with plastic wrap) just so that they are pliable and then roll. Do a few at a time because they have a tendency to get back to the brittle stage when they sit for too long.