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Sep 12, 2006 06:22 PM

Client Lunch in Providence, RI

I am meeting a client for lunch in Providence on Friday who is more of a foodie than I am. I'm not familiar with the city. Can someone help me out? Price is not an object.

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  1. If price is no object try Gracie's on Washington Street. Wonderfully creative food. Excellent service. Attractive surroundings.

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    1. re: Jenkins

      It looks like they're not open for lunch.

      1. re: Jenkins

        You could also try Cafe Nuevo - if the promised warmup happens by Friday you could eat outside on the riverfront; the food is always good and interesting and there is a large variety. I go there for lunch and sometimes dinner and have never been disappointed. During the "tall food" craze (which I kinda miss) it was a trip just watching the plates go by. Get creme brule for dessert. I was there for dinner last week; had an excellent steak with just the right amount of perfectly cooked spinach and a little pile of sort of ordinarily good mashed potatoes. The cappucino comes in great big cups which I like.

      2. Too bad. Try Parkside instead. I love their pasta dish that is made with veal, name escapes me! Also have had an excellent lamb chop dish, grilled.

        1. In which part of town will you be? Will you be mobile? Is your client a conservative banker or a creative type?

          1. Parkside's a good choice. Maybe Mediterreaneo on Atwells? Bravo downtown.

            1. I agree with the Parkside, or maybe La Laiterie? There's Hemnensway of course for the right "room-feel", but I'm not that crazy about their food. (And I'm sure I've spelled it wrong, because it has a funky spelling.)