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Sep 12, 2006 06:01 PM

Birds eye chili peppers in CT

Does anyone know where to get the small hot peppers known as bird's eye or thai chilli peppers in greater Hartford? Also, if I do find them, can they be grown from seed???

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  1. tried some creative googling and came up with this:

    looks like its based out of milford, they might be able to point you in the right direction if you can contact them.


    1. ADong supermarket in West Hartford - just off New Britain Ave. Big Asian supermarket in a strip mall, has pretty good selection of fresh stuff on a weekend, including chilli, lime leaves etc.
      Both the Thai and Vietnamese restaurants in the same mall are pretty good too.
      A DONG
      160 Shield Street, West Hartford, CT 06110
      (860) 953-8903

      1. Thanks...Have tried ADong in the past - odd place! I should have mentioned that I am looking for the red peppers - they had just one bag of green. Found lime leaves, banana leaves at a couple of Thai stores in West Hartford and again...the lone bag of green bird's eyes. Any other suggestions??

        1. I just bought some of those exact peppers recently at The Spice Mill in Manchester. I bought 1 pound, not sure if you can get quantities less than that. It is really a spice wholesaler with a 8x8 retail area full of spices. Great place to find unique spices and chilis. This is their website that should give you address info:

          1. If you want dried birds eye chillies go to they should be able to help you. I had to put domain name in address bar.

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              Totally old topic, but I found it when googling - and thought for anyone else in CT hunting birdseye chillies (the BEST burn :) I'd add my two cents worth. Ah Dong supermarket in Hartford does have birdseye chillies - bought a couple of fresh bags for next to nothing when I was last there a few months back. And as far as growing them, sure - as long as they're fresh.