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Sep 12, 2006 05:55 PM

Please rate these Italian Restaurants (SEA)

I live in Seattle my sig other and I are starting Italian classes this week. We plan to try a new Italian restaurant each week, after class -- a fun food project for the fall/winter. Here is the list I've come up with so far:

Osteria La Spiga
La Medusa
Il Bistro
That's Amore
La Fontana Siciliana
Il Terrazzo Carmine

We are regulars at Machiavelli, and have tried La Rustica several times. Also done the Pink Door. We'd rather stay close to Seattle (even Bizzarro might be too out-of-the-way...we get out of class at 8:30pm so want to be sitting down to eat before 9pm if we can swing it). I'm not a big fan of Tulio, but I haven't been for a few years. Any others I'm forgetting? Are there spots on my list that aren't up to snuff? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Il Terrazzo Carmine is in a league of it's own.

    1. you have hit upon several faves - i do not know that's amore and must turn a thumbs down on la fontana siciliana (pricey without reason) but rate all the others at the top of seattle's italian places - il terrazzo carmine will give you a perfectly executed older menu in posh surroundings; il bistro is very atmospheric with an interesting menu; bizzarro is wonderfully just as it's name implies - buon appetito!

      1. Volterra comes to mind and they serve until 10:00 pm on weeknights so you shouldn't have a problem making it in time for dinner there.

        1. Osteria la Spiga and Medusa are both great - leaning toward la Spiga for convenience to downtown. Around the zoo, Perche'no just opened (second location to lower Queen Anne)- good value, decent food; awful pink building but hey, its the owner's dream... If you're stuck in Kirkland (perhaps to delay the always horrid 520 commute back to downtown...) give Ristorante Paradiso a try; the food is good, wine list solid and Fabrizio (owner/chef)will gladly suggest Sardinian wines that may be overlooked on the list - he's a exceptionally nice guy to boot.

          For pizza - Tutta Bella, or Via Tribunali; Tutta Bella if you got kids or just want fast killer pizza - Via Tribunali if you want the 'ultra mr cool guy' Capital Hill scene, but amazing Neapolitan pizza and great bartenders.

          Sounds like a great plan - hopefully many of your experiences will be chronicled here.

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            La Spiga is closed for about a month as they move to their new Location on 12th and Pike.

          2. i am also a fan of volterra. but, then again, i like tulio's, as well.

            i've been to la rustica once and liked it, but it was a little salty for me.