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Sep 12, 2006 05:39 PM

Blue 9 - Never Again

Had lunch there today - what a mistake - I was still holding on to old memories - but this romance died today!

The cheesesburger was just OK - way too greasy and drippy - and put together with everything falling out. And it was luke warm.

The fries were old, greasy stubs from the bottom of the fryer bucket - little hard-as-a-rock pieces that were disgusting. Did I say greasy?

And the coup de grĂ¢ce for me was that the premises were absolutely filthy - from the entrance to that part of the kitchednI could see. I mean really filthy - dirty food-stained floors, seats and tables, a garbage can out of a horror movie, dirty floors and counters in the service area and kitchen. Looked like a ad for how a restaurant should not be run.

No way this could be franchised - it's a dump.

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  1. I agree that the burger is pretty mediocre. On my last "visit," I walked out b/c of the 2 employees behind the counter, neither of them was paying any attention to me or the person in front of me for a good 5 mins as they figured out how to cash out the register.

    1. Yeah, that place is a dump! Maybe I missed out when it was good, but I found the burgers lame too.

      1. too bad, they had promise at one time...sounds like the original owners have diverted their attention to other pursuits

        1. If they have no qualms about letting their customers see how dirty the public areas are, you can only imagine how disgusting the kitchen must be (the part you couldn't see).

          1. blue 9 is pretty popular with the nyu crowd though. I had Thai the other night and was waiting in front of Montien which is two doors down from blue 9. A couple guys with blue 9 uniforms on were busy hooting and hollering at me and my friends in front of their establishment . Maybe that's why their floors are so dirty.