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Sep 12, 2006 05:35 PM

Sopra?? Any recent experience?

Stumbled upon this place on citysearch while looking for something else. Menu looks good and reasonable if they can pull it off. Anyone?

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  1. I've been there a few times. The manager is charming, waitstaff are friendly. It's usually been somewhat empty the times I've gone even though it was "prime weekend dinnertime". The food is okay but very inconsistent: the cheese plate's been a hit or miss - one time it was great, the next time we got a very salty parmigiano. Oysters weren't the freshest once, the next they were fantastic. All in all, I would go again perhaps for "munching" and drinks, but I don't think for dinner.

    1. I agree with the sentiments shared above. I thought the drinks were pretty tasty, and the service was nice (although it was literally empty when I went), but the food itself left a lot to be desired.

      I'm actually surprised that they're still there, which isn't to say that I hate it, but when you go somewhere at 7 on a Saturday and you're literally the only table in the place, you have to wonder...

      1. I returned there one week ago after a so-so experience about 6 months ago. Contrarely to the previous post, the place was extremely busy on a Friday night. I would agree that the drinks are really tasty (My bloody mary was to die for) and the staff was extremely attentive and knowledgeable (unlike our previous experience). Overall, the food was really good. I had the Osso Bucco special which was perfectly prepared and seasoned. My girlfriend had a succulent seafood pasta dish.
        It also seemed like the plates are larger and the prices lower. I will definitely go back.