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Soup Near Lowe's Boston

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We're catching one of the Boston Film Fest movies tonight at the Lowe's Boston Commons and need to have some sustenance before hand. I, however, am stuffed up like a hog and can't smell or taste a darn thing. Where can we go get some soup?

I've thought of Pho Pasteur, Pho Hoa, HKE for wonton soup, & Lucky House for fish maw (wait, scratch that one).

Which place should I go to? Are there better options?

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  1. I love the wonton noodle soup at HKE.

    1. I like all the places on your list. I'd add Taiwan Cafe -- they have a nice variety of soups on their menu.

      1. aww man ... fish maw. So not what I expected.

        Maybe Silvertone for tomato soup and grilled cheese.

        I like the dac biet at Pasteur, with some extra spice thrown in. I am not a pho connoisseur but it's quite tasty if you can handle the heavy-handed star anise (I don't particularly like licorice).

        Within the first few bites of the beef and poblano at TC, I start to breathe normally (if congested) and taste stuff again. And they have a number of interesting soups.

        1. The dong quai duck soup at TC looks mighty good. I often forget they serve soup since I'm always after their brunch options on weekends. Good call Dax & MichealB - thanks!

          1. The pho at Xinh Xinh is terrific.