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Sep 12, 2006 05:19 PM

looking for sandwich carts around miracle mile!

Hi everyone! I used to post on previous incarnations of this board under a different name, but with a recent move and a new job, i'm just now getting around to registering.

Now it'd be great if I (and my coworkers too) could always get out of the office for lunch but we're cogs in that marketing and entertainment thing that just doesn' (ever). There are days when I can't even walk across the street, and sadly, those days often coincide with when I've forgotten my lunch!

My office is on Wilshire and San Vicente/Crescent Heights. Does anyone know of "sandwich" carts or vendors that come around the office buildings with drinks and lunch items?

I'd love for it to be tasty too, but honestly, I'd settle for anything right now especially when it beats waiting 1+ hours for joan's or anything on 3rd to deliver!

We're demolishing our office kitchen soon too, so please help me out with suggestions!

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