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Sep 12, 2006 05:01 PM

Heirloom apples CT/MA???

Anyone know of any orchards offering hierloom apples in Connecticut or Mass, pref near I-91?
There are lots of orchards near me in CT but they all offer the same mass produced apples which don't have the same flavor/sharpness of the older varieties.
Last year we got some from an orchard in VT but I was hoping to find somewhere nearer.

Thanks in advance

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  1. I don't know about the Pioneer Valley, but the heart of Johnny Appleseed country is in the Worcester-Middlesex hill country, where there are many orchards with old varieties (sometimes not on display; you have to ask)

    You might scope out the following link for more contact info to make phone or Google searches:

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    1. Not the region you're looking for, but my favorite place for heirloom apples is Gould Farm in Contoocook, southern NH.

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          Thanks, Gould farm looks like the sort of place I'm looking for - some really interesting varieties & looks like it would be worth the drive...maybe I can make a day trip out of it like dfrostnh suggested

        2. Besides Bishop Orchards (Rt. 1 in Guilford) there is Lyman Orchards in Durham. ( They are less than 10 minutes from the Meriden I-91 exit. Both seem to have many apple varieties available.

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            Do you know if Lymans have varieties not on their site? It looks like they have the commercial varietys - McIntosh etc not the hierloom ones I'm looking for - Cox's orange pippin, Winesap etc. Looks like I may have to go up north

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              Varieties to look out for are things like Baldwins, Stayman Winesaps, Russets, et cet., that were common in New England orchards a century ago. And don't forget Northern Spys for pies... English varieties like Cox's Orange Pippin tend to be newer stock here, IIRC. Also note that many of the oldest varieties (esp various Russets and Newtown Pippins) were originally cider apples and tend to come late in the season (early November, mid November in late seasons). Again, places may have limited supplies of these that they keep for making cider and don't put out for bagging or picking, so you should always call first to see, and also find out whether you'd have to ask for them when on location, as it were.

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                If you call Lyman's hotline it will tell you what is in season at the moment, available in store and for picking your own. 860-349-6015

            2. Too bad Gould Hill isn't closer to you. For anyone who is out leaf peeping, it's very convenient to I89, not too far from Concord NH. It has a very nice view toward the mountains. Since the owners wish to retire but hope the orchard will continue they are trying to work out plans with a conservation group. They don't want to sell to a developer. Orchards are a lot of work. The hoped for outcome is that a farmer would be hired to keep the orchard going. If this doesn't happen, Gould Hill Orchard won't be around for very long. If you have children, there is also the Little Nature Museum housed in the barn. It would make a terrific day trip. Head over to Beech Hill Farm (former dairy) for ice cream and their corn mazes. You can also keep driving on Rt 103 to Warner for a visit to the Kearsarge Indian Museum and/or an easy hike up Mt Kearsarge.