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Sep 12, 2006 04:48 PM


Everywhere I see sliders, the mini burgers these days. I always liked a big half pound of beef and don't see the attraction. Any comments?

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  1. Well, there are sliders and then there are David Burke's CheeseBurkers - a step way above IMHO.

      1. You've never been to a White Castle, have you?

        1. Who says you cant eat a half pound of sliders? Besides a Half pound is not very big. Sliders are much more managable and if you enjoy variety you could have bacon and cheese on one and mayo lettuce and tomato on another.

          Not a bad slider if you are in manhattan

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          1. re: Porkchop Express

            I like pop burger, I wish they weren't so damn expensive. When I saw what they were charging I laughed, set down the menu and left.

          2. Sliders aren't as messy, you can eat three different ones with different toppings/meats, you can eat one and still have plenty of room for French fries (and/or a healthy side salad, a milkshake, or a dessert)...

            They're also easier to make at home because you can put them on a good dinner roll or homemade dinner roll if you don't like storebought hamburger buns.