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L.A. County Fair Recommendations

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Probably going this week. What have U folks had @ the County Fair over the years. What would U recommend & what would you stay away from.

Last year, for the first time ever in my life, I had a BBQ Turkey Leg. Never again, what a dissapointment. The whole leg was like rubber, tasteless. What's the fascination with the turkey leg, it's a best seller, but did I just have a bad one or what?

Throughout the day I had a BBQ Tri-TIP Sandwich ok. Had the fried avocado, yuck. Had the corn dog, not bad. Also had an Italian Sausage Sandwich, not bad. Also had the fried twinkie, and the fried Oreo. I actually like them both. I think that was probably the best out of everythin I had that day..

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  1. Can't speak to the turkey leg, although, it looked really good...

    Here's a recent link with fair related info:

    I went on opening day and had the Krispy Kreme Fried Chicken Sandwich... really good stuff! I also really liked the BBQ pulled pork.

    Most food vendors will give you a small sample of their stuff (like the BBQ places) -- helps at figuring out which ones are worth eating! (Had some really gross BBQ Turkey



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      Thanks for the tip. Krispy Kreme FCS? Fried Chicken in between a donut or what?

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        Yeah, pretty much. Take a Krispy Kreme, split it in half, put a fried chicken patty in it, a slice of cheese and voila! They serve it with a packet of honey... I didn't use it, but I think you should (for the whole effect). Except for the sugar in the donut and the 'fried' patty, I don't think it's any "worse" than other things at the fair. (the portion size isn't that big)....

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          Really, that's it? I thought they would batter it and then refry the whole thing. Now that would be something to behold.

    2. Hi Ollie... I had (also for the first time) a BBQ'd turkey leg, but at the Renaissance Faire earlier in the summer. I too was initially cautious, but the leg turned out to be markedly tasty and smokey and tender. I was expecting rubber, but was pleasantly surprised at the moist texture, nearly falling off the bone from the heft of the soft flesh. So apparently, these turkey legs _can_ be done well. Pity that it wasn't the case with the one you sampled. Give it a try elsewhere, sometime...

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      1. I had a heart-stopping feast @ LA County Fair this past weekend. All the foods I had were good or at least interesting and worth one try. They include:

        1) Fried Avocado & Fried Tomatoes (I didn't think the avocados were that yucky, it was "interesting")
        2) Tasti-chips, fresh from the fryer! (they don't even bother draining, so there's a puddle of oil at bottom of my paper boat-- but the chips were good) - with jalapeno cheese sauce
        3) Curly Fries, also fresh from fryer
        4) Onion Blossom (I know, you can get it at Chili's, but I don't care much for that restaurant anyways)
        5) Apple Fries (dusted with cinnamon & sugar, with whipped cream on the side)
        6) Oven Roasted Corn on the Cob with Butter
        7) The Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich - another interesting thing that I'll probably never eat again, if only because of the caloric/fat/sugar content!
        8) Funnel Cake
        9) Fried Oreos / Twinkies / Snicker Bars

          1. My husband and I went to the fair yesterday and had some good (not necessarily good for you) chow. The best...
            1. Apple Fries w/ Whipped Cream - located in front of race track. they are not too heavily battered and absolutely delicious. Get a fork!
            2. Roasted Turkey Leg @ Big Bubba's - located in front of race track. We took this one home and it travelled well. Tasty and not bad for you!
            3. Deep Fried Artichoke Hearts @ Jeannes - located on Broadway Street. Yes it was fried - no it wasn't too greasy. A very tasty treat to eat!
            4. Cinnamon Buns @ Old West - located by farm area in back by craft area. We took this home too. We shared everything including this yummy desert. It would be WAY too big to eat by oneself at one sitting. My gosh that was good, sweet, buttery and memorable.
            5. Fresh lemonade - located throughout the park. Very good especially when watered down with a cup of free Sparkletts water (located in front of race track).
            All in all a fun day at the LA County Fair. If you go during the day, make sure to take your decadent treats under the huge pine trees by the bandstand and hear good music while eating in the shade. Have fun!

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              Old West Cinnamon Buns -- THE BEST.

              And here's a link to another Fair Post --it includes my BBQ reccommendations.

            2. I was reading that at the Orange County fair they had Batter Deep Fried Spam and it was one of the most popular things there, I dont know if it is at the L.A county fair though.

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                yes it is, according to the insert from teh Times, and it comes with pineapple.

              2. When the County Fair was here in OC, there was a similar thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/538108 Best Eats at this year's OC Fair?

                1. I always get myself some BBQ. This time, I tried a tri-tip sandwich from a vendor advertising tri-tip cooked over oak that was directly across from one of the pavilions, I think building #7. It was pretty good, but didn't knock my socks off. Then again, I have pretty high standards for tri-tip, because I do a very good job at home (where I cook it over oak as well).

                  For me, the Fair Food highlights are always the freshly-fried churros-in-a-bag, sold in front of the racetrack and of course the thick-skinned, east coast-style egg rolls, sold at the "Seafood & Thai" operation, which is neither particularly Thai, nor seafood-focused. Instead, their primary fare consists of skewers of beef & pork, served with sides of chow mein & fried rice. But those egg rolls...yum! In fact, I'm going to do a separate egg roll post just because I know people are always looking for them.

                  1. My favorite thing to do (and I know it sounds silly) is Pinks.

                    I like the dogs but not enough to stand in line for an hour. You can usually walk right up to the vendor at the fair.

                    Also. The Margarita's are good (the fresh made rocks one not the ones in the slurpy machine)

                    and, of course, all things fried.

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                      Wait... there's a Pinks vendor at the fair? I've never noticed them.

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                        There are several, actually, at various locations on the fairgrounds.

                    2. king taco. there are 2 of them there. margarita at hussongs.

                      1. Recently I was at the OC one and had a HUGE cream puff which was basically oodles of whip cream stuffed between two fried frisbees. It was very good. Not so good was the fried mushrooms with ranch dressing. Avoid!

                        1. try the smoked variety of the turkey leg, goes down better.

                          head out to the garden booth, the beer tasting, wine tasting and other interesting shops.

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                            I stewarded the Commercial BEer competition this year, and got to taste some of the beers that competed and will be at the beer tasting. Gash dang fine brews! A sampler or whole cup of beer at the beer tasting bar is a much better value than the cheap stuff outside, quality and variety wise. Plus it's nice and comfy in there!

                            1. re: Diana

                              When I went to The Bruery last Friday for their first day of tasting at their brewery in Placentia, Patrick (the owner/head brewer) mentioned that they won some medals at the fair. What else can I expect to try this year? Is Lost Abbey (my 2nd favorite U.S. brewery!) in the mix? Is there a list somewhere on line?
                              As far as the food goes, maybe I've been unlucky but after food there I wish that I had had a sandwich and pastries at EuroPane or Chinese elsewhere in the SGV on the way to the fair! BBQ Texas Turkey Legs shipped in from Texas - no thanks! Cheap grocery store smoked sausages, dried out brisket, fried garbage on a stick/paper plate - blah!!! Never tried the Margaritas, could they really be that good?

                              1. re: sel

                                Heck, this year, even Unibroue entered! I think Lost Abbey did, too.

                                They seem late in posting the results this year. Ooop, no, here are the winners,:

                                but all the beer sent will be put on tap at the bar, or the extra bottles (if they submitted bottles) served-winner or loser.

                                Patrick did do very well. Good to see a local brewer take home some honors!

                                Be aware, the tasting selection at the bar rotates as the leftover kegs get used up. Every day is a different line up!