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Sep 12, 2006 04:23 PM

Foie gras pizza at Au Pied de Cochon

If you go there soon, order the foie gras pizza, which is not on the menu. It's their homemade sauce, goat cheese, figs, foie gras and I think guanciale, or some other very thinly-sliced ham.... Somehow this comes together wonderfully, and the crust is perfect.

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  1. We ate at ‘Au Pied de Cochon’ last night and I had the ‘Ploque a Champlain’ (fantastic seared foie gras with figs, maple syrup on a buckwheat pancake). The Duck Carpaccio appetizer was also outstanding. Service was friendly and knowledgeable, the host and the sommelier were both fantastic. A great restaurant if you like foie gras (many different preparations). I will definitely go again and next time I’ll try the pizza. Cheers.

    1. did they have any seafood on the menu

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        They had fish & chips last night as there daily special. My daughter ordered it but I would suggest against it. Halibut with a very heavy batter and little flavor. If you want seafood you better go elsewhere.

      2. I saw the "No Reservations" (Anthony Bourdain) episode which featured Au Pied de Cochon. OMG, that was incredible - when the chef said "just keep feeding him Foie Gras until he dies", I was nearly rolling on the floor. I couldn't believe the things they were bringing out, a mere mortal would have been in a food coma in no time. I wonder if Bordain really ate all that, could it be ?

        Anyway, foie gras pizza sounds amazing.